At Maars the International Dealer Meeting 2022 took place on 19th and 20th of September. It was an honor to welcome at least 45 world wide Maars dealer partners. And with lots of interaction, feedback and useful input we took important actions towards our shared mission… Maars as the provider of flexible wall solutions in the world.

  • During the IDM 2022 we have witnessed again the strength of connection. All worldwide dealers had the opportunity to not only reconnect with Maars again but also reconnect with many experienced dealer partners from all over the world.

A key theme for this IDM was modularity. It was beneficial for lots of dealers to learn more about the importance of modularity and the contribution of Maars products to sustainability.
Besides this important key theme: We visited project sites, got inspired by a key note speaker and of course the dealers had the chance to be the first to witness new developments and product introductions.

We really appreciate the contribution, that is the only reason why we could make the IDM such a success.

The Digital Experience Design team at Gensler partnered with the premium environment product manufacturer Maars Living Walls to integrate Transparent OLED into the next level of living and working space. This was accomplished through the M923. Digital  – a modular partition system that allows physical spaces to come to life with visual information that supports almost any task imaginable.

Lobby Welcome Experience

Gensler demonstrated the power of this technology by creating an unforgettable hospitality moment at the exhibit entrance. Utilizing augmented reality, viewers witnessed vivid petals animate outward from a physical vase on a counter, and float into a calendar display. It becomes quickly apparent that Transparent OLED is not just another display – but that it is a window into an entire new world of possibilities.

“I see Transparent OLED having endless possibilities. Seeing it applied to many different applications while we’re here [at OIF] really makes me believe we can integrate it within all our wall systems.” – Richard Camacho, Maars Living Wall

Flex Space

Further into the exhibit, the flex space showcased an even greater range of possibilities for this new category of display. Utilizing Transparent OLED Technology, users can access information or peer through it, which allows the same space to become a conference room or a yoga retreat with the simple push of a button. This design allows occupants to seamlessly transition from a holographic conference call into an emotionally recharging meditation. Never before have rejuvenation and productivity been so closely aligned.

“Our environment can shift rapidly with the Transparent OLED. Having digital display technology embedded in your environment enables the end user to rapidly change that environment, to meet the needs of the people who are using that space. They can go from making it a place for a hybrid meeting to some place for meditation, relaxation, health, wellness, to a social event where you’re supporting community and culture within your environment.” – Michael Schneider, Gensler

If you want more information about Gensler x Maars Living Walls present M923. Digital (Block Partition), download the brochure.

For the new head office of Qatar Petroleum District, we manufactured, delivered, and installed more than one hundred thousand square meters of Maars walls.

The office has ten towers in total, six of them are provided with the Maars living walls. We supplied various wall systems and door types for this project. String² Melamine panels, Panorama Slim with single and double glazing, 4000 single glass doors, 400 XL flush glass doors and 80 wooden doors.

The six towers are divided between two different contractors, Al Balagh and Al Ghanim. The project started in June 2019 together with these two contractors. The consultant in charge had Maars walls in the specification, as well as 13 other wall systems were specified. Of all wall systems, Maars was chosen as the best solution for the project!

It is not the first time that Maars supplied walls for a project of a size like this. However, it is always challenging.

Because of the size and logistics, our production was often focused on the QPD project for weeks in a row. Our dealer AlKaabi Contracting, who is a Maars dealer for over 20 years, has been taking care of the installation of this challenging project. The design of the building is curved. This presented some challenges during installation, but overall it has been a successful project in collaboration with AlKaabi Contracting.

We are proud to share this end result. Hundred thousand square meters of Maars walls, that remains impressive!

The renovation of this highschool is nominated for the award Building of the Year 2022.

Among all impressive, different and innovative projects it a great honor that this sustainable renovation is recognizes as one of the best projects in the Netherlands. This sustainable and innovative highschool is designed by ‘Nieuwe Architecten’.

From the first scratch of the design sustainability and modularity where key.

  • A space always in motion requires flexible solutions.

With this design by ‘Nieuwe Architecten’ renovations can take place without any loss of value.

Besides flexibility Performances such as sound insulation, fire resistance and safety are just as important for this school. Flexibility and Performances comes together in our multi-functional wall system String2.

‘Nieuwe Architecten’ Congratulations with this amazing nomination. For Maars it has been an honor to contribute to this innovative and inspiring project. You can leave your vote for this project via this link.

At Maars quality and performances are main priority. We always strive to get the maximum out of our walls. With Slim Tracks you can boost the performances for our walls. Slim Tracks are already available within the Panorama portfolio, known as Panorama Slim.

String² is known as our flexible all-rounder and already offers high performances. Our Research and Development department has made it possible to reach for even higher acoustic performances by using the Slim Tracks. With this boost you can reach a Rw value up to 56 dB / STC.

Besides high acoustic performances there is another huge advantage the Slim Tracks can offer. With slim profiles you can create slim lines which results in a minimalistic and high-end design. At the same time the slim profiles can still include extreme intolerances.

When you want to specify these walls, please contact our Technical Support department for more information on how to draw this within our software Maars 4D.


At the Maars Headquarter in the Netherlands you find our beautiful showroom and impressive production facility.

At our HomePage you find a Virtual Tour where you can take a look around our virtual tours for a unique sneak peek behind our scenes.

To make our headquarters even more attractive, a renovation is started for a completely new façade. During this renovation a lot of work has to be done: new plating, window frames, screens and a finishing tough with lights and Maars branding. It is for sure that the façade will give Maars a completely new look that radiates our professionality.

Before we can present the end result we hope you’d enjoy to see a glimpse of the design!

With years of experience, expertise and worldwide inspiration Maars is specialized in Sliding Doors.

We always put a great effort in optimizing and developing our product portfolio. We love to challenge ourselves to maximize the performances of all our products including Sliding Doors.

In 2016 Research and Development led to the award winning and an one-of-a-kind sliding door with certified acoustical performances. We are proud that as for now the Maars Sliding Door Premium still is the only Sliding Door available in the market with certified acoustic performances. ​​​​​​​

While our competitors do offer Sliding Doors with acoustic features, they are not able to reach an official certificate for these acoustic features. It is up to us to compete with all of the products in the market without an acoustic certificate.

Therefor we have decided to add another Sliding Door type, with acoustic features but without officially tested acoustic results. The Sliding Door Plus has been added to our Sliding Door portfolio. A door with a soft close, cover cap for the knobs, drop seal and profiles with vertical rubbers. The vertical rubbers are the seal with which we can offer acoustical features.

With this asset to our Sliding Door portfolio we also have changed the names of our Sliding Door. There is the Sliding Door, the Sliding Door Plus and the Sliding Door Premium. The Sliding Door Premium is the only door with acoustic certificates.

Our assistance dog that we have adopted together with Visser & Smit Construction has grown in to a smart seven months old dog. We thought you would enjoy to read about the Update we have received about Rakker’s developments.

The foster family that now takes care of Rakker really enjoys the company Rakker has to give. His journey into becoming an assistance dog is so far really successful. His family lets us know that Rakker is a really intelligent dog and a fast learner! He learned all kinds of skills he will need for his important job as assistance dog.

What also catches the eye, is Rakker his beauty. He is a really enjoys all the attention he gets while walking down the streets!

We are looking forward to see Rakker following his mission in becoming an assistance dog and we know for sure he will be a loyal friend for his new owner.

M923. our truly living wall, consisting of snap-in-place panels defines open areas with the right type of functionality. Users can easily change the structure and the design of the wall themselves.

  • Panels are easy to change and this way you can quickly transform the appearance of a space.

One of the unique aspects of M923. is the wide range of colors and finishes for the panels. With all these panels you can design the wall yourselves. Because the range of finishes are such an important feature of M923. we are always looking for ways to extend our range of finishes.

  • We have managed to find high-quality wrap around foils that create any desired look for your M923. panel.

Part of the range of foil finishes are for example wood, marble, leather or crocodile – look. Contact our Product Specialists to order a sample box with all the new finish options. With the help of these samples you can choose your desired finish.

  • Besides the foil finishes we are also able to deliver the extremely popular Corten steel-look.

This finish can give your M923. an unique industrial look.

These new one – of – a kind finishes of the M923. can be ordered via our Product Specialists.


In the world of partition walls and office interiors, there will always be new trends and demands for finishes. It is the right finish that ensures the desired look and feel for your space. At Maars we offer the most wide range of finish options and we now have added even more finishes to our portfolio… The wooden look finish!

From now on it is possible to choose a wooden-look finish for profiles. You can combine the wooden-finish with glass walls Horizon and Panorama. We see request for natural-look finishes within office spaces rising.  A wooden-look in combination with a glass wall creates a warm design for your space.

We can offer a wide range of different wooden finishes, a sample box is available of the full collection. With the samples you can see, feel and experience the different finishes.

Are you interested in a sample box of the wooden finish collection or do you want to know more about the possibilities? Reach out to the product specialist responsible for your region.


Maars products are specified by the highest quality. We always put our greatest effort in constant improvements. In addition to quality, Environmental Assurance is an equally important topic for us. When producing highly sustainable products, sustainable production processes are just as important.

  • To guarantee Maars quality and environmental assurance, our processes are certified conform the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 standards.

Every three years our organization needs to be recertified by an independent certified party. These audits recently took place in 2021. We are happy to announce that we have successfully completed the audits.
The ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates are extended for another three years. Reach out to our product specialists for more information about our certificates. 

New phases Slim Framed Glass Door

A couple of months ago we introduced a new ground breaking design by Maars: The Slim Framed Glass Door. We introduced this extreme slim and high-end door with the promise of more features and benefits to come.

The time has come to introduce phase 2 of the Slim Framed Glass Door. Within this new phase we offer new features that can create lots more solutions with the Slim Framed Glass Door.

Besides Horizon it is now also possible to combine the new door with String² and Metaline wall solutions. European hardware has been made available in this phase and it is also possible to create a sliding door with the Slim Framed Glass Door.

Want to learn more about our newest product development? Our Productspecialist love to tell you everything you need to know. 

Designed in collaboration with Gensler as product design consultant the M923. Is the modular panel system that brings down all barriers.

M923. defines open areas with the right functionality. For the Gensler Design Lab in their Miami office our dealer partner CWC installed this impressive M923. design. Within this open design the M923. creates a space that ensures the ability to focus.

M923. steel profiles comes in many different powder coated finishes. Gensler chose the matte black finish that gives a clean and industrial look to the space. For the snap in place panels you can choose from a wide range of finishes like moss, cork, fabrics and powder coat. At the Gensler office two types of moss are used in combination with perforated panels. On the other side of the M923. white board panels are installed to create functionality.

Together it is an impressive M923. design that really stands out.

The Slim Framed Glass Door by Maars Living Walls

A ground breaking slim design combined with smart and functional integrations, that’s how we like to describe our newest product innovation: The Slim Framed Door by Maars Living Walls. With a slim frame of 43 mm, an invisible PIVOT and smart integrations the door not only stands out with a minimalistic and high-end design but also offers functionality and performances!

Did you know slim means actually smart in Dutch? And a smart product it is!

The extreme slim frame and invisible PIVOT design is what stands out. How to combine this minimalistic design with performances and functionalities? Research and Development made innovation possible.

A door closer and hold-open function are invisibly integrated into the slim frame. With the door closer the door will automatically soft-close and with the hold-open function you can hold the door in a 90 degrees corner. Together with a value of 33 STC which ensures acoustical privacy, this door give you best of both worlds. High-End designs and High-End performances.

The doorframe is available in all Maars powder coat finishes. Combine the Slim Framed Door with Horizon and Carré to create a minimalistic and creative look. With US hardware you can finish the desired look.

Want to learn more about our newest product development? Our Productspecialist love to tell you everything you need to know. 

The company RAG Montan Immobilien GmbH has its office located in one of the most impressive industrial monuments: Zollverein. Zollverein is part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.  Since the final working shift in 1986, Zollverein has been transformed into a prime site for the art, culture and creative sectors, attracting more than two million visitors a year.

on the Zollverein site. Numerous studios, offices and restaurants have also found their home and RAG Montan Immobilien is one of them. For their office maximum transparency was key, at the same time high acoustic values were just as important.

Our Panorama Slim and Horizon modular partition walls fits the demands perfectly.

Life Time Work is Life Time’s branch of co-working facilities. Their new Corp 2 headquarters office was designed to align the aesthetics with the Life Time Work spaces. Maars walls are integrated in all Life Time Work locations as a continuous design element.

Our dealer partner Intereum delivered the Maars walls for Life Time Work’s Headquarter “Corp 2”. For this project Horizon glazed walls with Carré are installed, together with the frameless glass sliding doors which complements to the aesthetics of the Horizon – Carré walls.

For the conference rooms, monitors and video conference hardware were integrated. For that we used String2 walls with back painted glass surrounding the monitor.

Minimalistic design with high acoustic values

For a large co-working space of this office in Levallois near Paris, Kardham architects wanted to create a poetic atmosphere where transparency is key. Therefor a minimalistic wall with thin and high-end designs was required. At the same time high acoustic values where necessary to ensure the ability to focus.

Maars wall system: lalinea matches all these challenges. The nearly invisible wall fits perfectly in this design of Kardham architects. With wood, rattan furniture and soft colors a warm atmosphere was created for this working space.

Maars Living Walls are in the new and largest courthouse in The Netherlands. A building, ten floors high with a surface of 60,200 square feet, with fifty courtrooms and offers 1000 employees a place to work.

The design of the courthouse radiates authority, yet remains inviting. This inviting and accessible feeling is created by glass-centric design. Maars glazed walls String² and Horizon are perfectly in place in this open and transparent space.

Flexibele and Sustainable
The courthouse is designed with flexible and sustainable solutions so that the layout can be easily changed to fit with new developments in the future. Maars partition walls can be fully demounted and can evolve with the needs and demands that comes with new developments. This way our partition walls contributes to the sustainability of the courthouse. The walls that are installed in the new courthouse are certified with Cradle to Cradle Silver.

String2 en Metaline hebben in de geschiedenis van Maars de hoogste classificering op brandgedrag gehaald. Beide wanden, in staal uitvoering, zijn getest en gecertificeerd met klasse A2. Voor een systeemwand is deze classificering het hoogst haalbare. Hiermee dragen de wanden in hoge maten bij aan de brandveiligheid in gebouwen.

Bij het testen op brandgedrag wordt er eerst gekeken naar vlamuitbreiding, rookontwikkeling en druppelvorming. Om geclassificeerd te worden hebben de wanden twee testen moeten doorstaan.

In de eerste test conform de NEN-EN3823  werd de wand onderworpen aan een fysieke vlamtest. Hier werd gekeken naar de brand-voortplanting op het oppervlak, de mate van rookontwikkeling en de rookintensiteit. De eerste test werd succesvol afgerond, pas dan mag de wand door naar test twee waar de calorische waarde van alle componenten wordt bepaald conform de NEN-EN ISO11925-2. Zowel Metaline als String²  hebben beide testen goed doorstaan, met als resultaat: A2- S1, D0 (Smoke 1 en Droplets 0) Deze classificering geldt in combinatie met al onze lakken en kleuren.

Publieke ruimtes zoals scholen, gemeentehuizen en bibliotheken zijn projecten die vaak vragen om een certificering op brandgedrag. Met deze geweldige resultaten voldoen onze wanden Metaline en String² nu volledig aan deze eis.

Klanten die u voor zijn gegaan

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