Boost performances with Slim Tracks

At Maars quality and performances are main priority. We always strive to get the maximum out of our walls. With Slim Tracks you can boost the performances for our walls. Slim Tracks are already available within the Panorama portfolio, known as Panorama Slim.

String² is known as our flexible all-rounder and already offers high performances. Our Research and Development department has made it possible to reach for even higher acoustic performances by using the Slim Tracks. With this boost you can reach a Rw value up to 56 dB / STC.

Besides high acoustic performances there is another huge advantage the Slim Tracks can offer. With slim profiles you can create slim lines which results in a minimalistic and high-end design. At the same time the slim profiles can still include extreme intolerances.

When you want to specify these walls, please contact our Technical Support department for more information on how to draw this within our software Maars 4D.


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