Highschool ‘Koning Willem 1 College’ nominated for Building of the Year Award 2022.

The renovation of this highschool is nominated for the award Building of the Year 2022.

Among all impressive, different and innovative projects it a great honor that this sustainable renovation is recognizes as one of the best projects in the Netherlands. This sustainable and innovative highschool is designed by ‘Nieuwe Architecten’.

From the first scratch of the design sustainability and modularity where key.

  • A space always in motion requires flexible solutions.

With this design by ‘Nieuwe Architecten’ renovations can take place without any loss of value.

Besides flexibility Performances such as sound insulation, fire resistance and safety are just as important for this school. Flexibility and Performances comes together in our multi-functional wall system String2.

‘Nieuwe Architecten’ Congratulations with this amazing nomination. For Maars it has been an honor to contribute to this innovative and inspiring project. You can leave your vote for this project via this link.

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