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Thanks to the wide range of applications of our partition walls, we are able to build high-quality cleanrooms. The properties of cleanroom walls play a crucial part in their functionality. As a wall supplier, we have extensive expertise in partition walls, enabling us to make a high-quality contribution to the installation of your cleanroom.

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Maars’ capabilities

Cleanrooms require several indispensable building blocks, of which the walls are one. If one component is missing, the cleanroom is just like any old (regular) room. Our versatile partition walls are perfect for cleanrooms. And because they are produced in-house, they can be used for a wide range of purposes. As such, we can build cleanrooms with different properties, such as dust- or bacteria-free, positive air pressure or, the opposite, negative air pressure.

Why you should consider a cleanroom with partition walls from Maars

A cleanroom with Maars walls comes with several benefits:


We always look ahead which is why we believe it’s vital that you make your cleanroom as future-proof as possible. That is why you can also make technical changes to the walls at any time after the installation of your cleanroom. The outer walls can be removed panel by panel, without affecting the cleanroom’s desired climate. In addition, cleanrooms with our walls can always be reconfigured due to the high level of flexibility. That way, any changes are never at the expense of the cleanroom’s functional and we can also achieve optimal sustainability.

The range of operations performed in a cleanroom require a high level of fire protection. We have partition walls available in our portfolio which have a fire resistance of 60 minutes (EI 60).

Binnenkant van een cleanroom met werkopstellingen

In-house production

Thanks to our in-house production of partition walls, we have everything under control. That way, you can be sure that cleanroom walls are produced entirely to your specifications and we are able to guarantee the high standard Maars quality. At the same time, you also benefit from transparent communication and fast turnaround times.

Integration of components

Because of our in-house production, various integrations are possible in the walls, such as the integration of medical and technical gases, electrical and switchgear and pass-through cabinets, among others. Moreover, integrations can always be added to the cleanroom at a later stage, thanks to the flexible nature of our partition walls.

Cleanrooms for different industries


Cleanrooms with a controlled atmosphere are crucial in biotechnology, with temperature, humidity, air pressure and air particle concentration all under control. This industry identifies three contamination risks to be monitored, namely biological agents, cross-contamination, and particulate contaminants. Maars can help build the required containment spaces by supplying high-quality walls made of inorganic materials.

Pharmaceutical industry

Pharmaceutical products often need to be made in cleanrooms, as there are strict requirements for production. The production of tablets and capsules, for instance, requires a room with negative pressure to prevent cross-contamination. For sterile drugs or liquids, the cleanroom must be pressurised, as this eliminates the spread of microorganisms.

In addition, hygiene is also very important in the pharmaceutical industry. We take all these aspects into account during the production of our cleanroom partition walls, ensuring that the walls are seamless and all unwanted particles are removed during cleaning.

High-tech industry (microelectronics)

In high-tech, work must also be done in a protected environment to rule out contamination. This often involves protection of equipment and manufactured products, which can be contaminated by operators, molecules or particles.

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Always to the required standards

Cleanrooms are subject to rigorous demands, which is why several certifications have been developed to measure their properties, namely the ISO 14644-1 standard and GMP requirements. These in turn are divided into different classes. Depending on your requirements, we are able to achieve various classes within these standards. During an introductory meeting, we identify your cleanroom requirements so that we can produce a tailor-made solution.

Custom solutions only

All cleanrooms are different, which explains why customisation is so important. But the possibilities are endless: from a small room where work is done on electronics on the microscopic level to large cleanrooms with multiple compartments and enough space for various machines.

Every cleanroom is unique and requires a specific approach. That is why the specialists at Maars are happy to meet with you. By determining the purpose of your cleanroom, we find out more about the possibilities and what is involved. Maars is happy to think along with you and does everything possible to ensure that the partition walls can be seamlessly integrated into your cleanroom.

Curious about our cleanroom walls?

Want to find out more about the possibilities for your project? If so, contact our specialists. We are happy to help. We will answer your questions and discuss what we can do for your cleanroom with our partition walls.

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