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For CORE we developed a robust and durable base, which is the core of the room. You are the architect that decides how this cube is going to be arranged. Whether you want maximum transparency or optimal privacy, with CORE you can have the best of both worlds. The amount of possible combinations is endless. Design your CORE so that it fits your needs and demands. 


Richard Camacho

Sales Director United States

Jason Herrin

Regional Manager United States Southeast

Chris Wenzel

Regional Manager United States West

Ellie Goodlet

Regional Manager - United States Northeast

Chris Garrad

Sales Project Manager United Kingdom

Kawan Mairuf

Export Manager

Joseph George

Regional Manager Middle East

technical information

maximum height 3048 mm
minimal width 1200 mm
maximum width No maximum width
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Product information

  • Can be combined with all of our wall systems 
  • Invisible integration of technology 
  • Maximum sound-isolation and sound-absorption 
  • Available in all sizes 

Benefits of Core

  • Quick and easy to install 
  • Easily movable 
  • You decide the design
  • Maximum transparency and optimal privacy 

Discover the possibilities

CORE can be created with all our wall systems. Curious about the end-result?  

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