The most diverse range of acoustic partition walls and doors you can find! The demand for quiet zones in indoor spaces is staggering.

Fire resistancy

Interior design plays a crucial role in the fire safety of buildings. To meet the strict requirements of fire prevention, partition walls need to be as fire resistant as possible.


Our modular walls provide the essential features for optimal functionality in high-quality cleanrooms.


Our wall systems are made to be reused. We offer versatile wall systems that can be easily dismantled and reapplied at a different location.


Besides the flexibility and quality of our products, sustainability is the reason for our existence. We continuously work on new sustainable possibilities in our modular walls.

akoestische systeemwand

Research & Development

No matter what your concept or demands may be, we create partition walls that will exceed your expectations. Our wall systems are more than just a division of a space.

De montage van een modulaire Maars systeemwand

Renovation & Service

Our Renovation and service department specializes in the reuse of wall components with minimal waste. Whether it's rearrangements or expansions of your office layout, we strive for maximum sustainability and flexibility.

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