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Maars wall systems are more than just partition walls. With our Living Options we extend the possibilities of indoor environments. Our walls don’t just create spaces, they define them and contribute to their purpose. A wall that boosts productivity, collaboration, communication and engagement.


Ricardo Costa

Vice President - Maars US

Richard Camacho

Sales Director United States

Jason Herrin

Regional Manager Southeast US

Chris Wenzel

Regional Manager California and Southwest US

Chris Garrad

Sales Project Manager, UK & Ireland

Kawan Mairuf

Export Manager

Joseph George

Regional Manager Middle East

Sound panels

The next level of sound experience. This high-quality sound system can be integrated invisibly with our wall systems.


Digital prints on wooden or steel partition panels. Create eye-catching designs with a remarkable use of material to personalize your office space.

Dynamic Lighting

A must-have for tech-savvies. Dynamic lighting turns a glass partition wall into a cutting-edge technological display. This integrated LED-window can display text or create a stunning light show.


These blinds allow you to go from maximal transparency to full privacy.

Privacy Glass

Switching between transparency and privacy with a mere push of a button. This LCD technology is available for glass partition walls and flush glass doors.

Media walls

Integrate a touchscreen device to your wall system. This can be expanded into a complete media center.

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No matter what kind of integration you have in mind, our experts are available for inquiries or ideas! 

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Acoustic solutions

The demand for ‘quiet zones’ is increasing rapidly in modern open office settings. In our testing laboratory we develop high-end acoustic solutions, sound-proofing up to 60STC.

With specially developed sound-absorbing materials and acoustic systems, we can minimize the sound in your office space completely as requested.

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