Interior design plays a crucial role in the fire safety of buildings. To meet the strict requirements of fire prevention, partition walls need to be as fire resistant as possible. In our broad selection of wall systems we offer numerous solutions that meet the highest standards of fire safety. Our wall systems can be created to meet the specific requirements of any type of building.

Public spaces like schools, city halls or libraries often require a certain fire safety certificate. Our steel partition walls are certified with the highest classification of fire behaviour for wall systems. They contribute greatly to the fire safety of buildings.

All our products are tested, approved and certified to the highest degree. Your country could have different laws and regulations regarding fire safety. Ask our specialists for advice or information. Our certificates are not available in North-America.

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In our testing laboratory we develop ultimate solutions contributing to your safety. Our innovative wall systems can be fire resistant up to El120. Our fire resistant solutions are tested by recognised laboratoria, in conformity with the ISO standard. The knowledge and experience we gain from this is a direct benefit for you.

Our fire resistant solutions have not been tested according to the North-American standard.

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