Halo 4

Do you need a quiet location for a call or a (video)meeting?

Take a seat in our Halo office pod. Indispensable in every working environment!

Discover Halo 4

Discover Halo 4, the ultimate office pod for any workplace that can accommodate up to 4 people. This office pod is the ultimate solution for teams in need of privacy and a place for team work, meetings or uninterrupted focus. Discover all the advantages and options of the Halo 4.



Privacy stays inside, distraction is kept outside.

No distractions

Work without distraction and stay focused on your job.

Meet each other

Plan meetings with your co-workers. In real-life or online.

Features of Halo 4

Halo 4 has all the same benefits as Halo 1 and Halo 4 but its more spacious design adds another dimension:

  • Endless options for personalisation
  • Superb acoustics, Class A according to ISO 23351-1
  • Easy to install thanks to the prefabricated cassette system
  • High sustainability thanks to reusable elements and C2C-certified steel and glass
  • Integrated LED lighting and ventilation system
  • Flexible and easy to move

Full freedom of choice

Halo 4 offers unprecedented freedom in terms of configuration so you can design your office pod yourself. Choose from different RAL colours, materials and finishes. Whether you go for an all-glass design for maximum transparency or a combination of closed and glass elements, Halo 4 can be fully customised to your style and needs.

Besides being fully customisable, the Halo 4 office pod also has a series of standard features to make your workspace as efficient and visually pleasing as possible:

  • Closed, powder-coated cassettes
  • Glass door with or without profile
  • Perforated steel ceiling
  • Integrated motion detector, LED lighting, and ventilation system
  • Power and USB connection

Technische specificaties

Outer dimensions

2400x2400x2355 mm (without floor)
2400x2400x2390 mm (with floor)


Up to A+ according to ISO- 23351-1


Integrated LED lighting


Standard 70 CFM – Motion sensor – Centrifugal


USB/universal 220 V socket

Acoustic absorption

  • Up to A+ according to ISO- 23351-1
  • Highest achievable acoustic absorption
  • Optimal combination of insulation and absorption

Endless configurations

  • Different finishes possible
  • Full design freedom
  • Blends in seamlessly in any working environment
  • Configuration can be easily adapted, even after installation


  • All parts are reusable
  • Parts of Halo 2 can be used in Halo 1 and Halo 4
  • Made in the Netherlands
  • Installation with prefab cassettes

A space that adapts to you

Halo 4’s modular design allows you to easily adapt the available space. You can easily have it reduced to a 1- or 2-person office pod to save space, for example. Do you have a Halo 1 or Halo 2 and do you need a larger private space? We can easily expand it into a Halo 4 for you.

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More information?

Do you have questions about the Halo 4 or want to know more about the options? Our specialists are happy to help. Contact us to find out how the Halo 4 can transform your workplace.

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