Care & Cure

New healthcare issues and developments in treatment technology call for maximum flexibility. The complete modular partition walls from Maars meets these needs by creating flexible care & cure architectural environments. Maars has the unique ability to integrate specific requirements of the care sector. Moreover, following extensive research, Maars has put together a colour palette called Healing Colours, which contributes to recovery.

Benefits partition walls for Care & Cure

The Maars systems meet the requirements made in healthcare:

  • High acoustic insulation values
  • High fire resistance values
  • Hygienic properties of steel
  • Antibacterial coatings
  • Acid-resistant wall finish
  • Hermetically sealed properties
  • Anti-magnetic properties
  • Anti-static properties
  • Radiation-proof properties


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Vice President - Maars US

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Sales Director United States

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Regional Manager Southeast US

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Regional Manager California and Southwest US

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Andrew Coakley

Regional Sales Manager Texas US

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Sales Project Manager, UK & Ireland

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Export Manager

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Regional Manager Middle East

Maars Living Walls projects

We have been delivering partition wall solutions to international customers for more than 75 years. Please visit our reference projects page and get inspired with the possibilities.

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