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Do you want to divide your office into several spaces, without losing that open-plan feel? Why don’t you design a glass office with system partitions? Our specialty, as it happens. For over 70 years, companies, architects, and property developers have relied on us for the development, production, delivery and installation of circular and modular system partitions. Glass office partitions are all the rage these days, because they let in the light while allowing you to create separate sections within a space.  Ready to refresh your workspace? We can create a new design, in line with your wishes, reusing your current system partitions where possible.

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We use these glass partition walls to create a glass office


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A selection of our projects

Need some inspiration. Curious to see some of our recent projects? Below is a selection of glass offices that we designed for some of our customers.

System partitions that add character

The glass partition walls that we use to transform your office space into a stylish glass office add character and life to the space. Our high-end solutions look stunning in stately buildings and spacious offices. The glass ensures that light can move freely through the space, while the walls improve the acoustics in each space.

The Maars promise

Maximum satisfaction, minimum waste: that is what we believe in. If you decide to work with us, we create a design that takes your wishes into account. We produce our system partitions in-house, meaning we can make decisions about every aspect of the partition wall ourselves. When the system partitions are ready for installation, we deliver them to your premises and start working on the transformation. Ready for an office refresh? We visit you again to discuss how you want to change the layout to reflect your new requirements. Where possible, we use the existing partitions, which is perfecty possible because our partition walls are modular.

I want a glass office

Our other solutions

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