High-end partition walls with door and soundproof glass walls

Do you want to improve the acoustics of your current premises or a new-build project? Perhaps you are still reviewing solutions and to which extent acoustic partitions are the best option for your specific situation.  Let us help you! For over 75 years, customers have relied on us for the design, installation, maintenance and even reuse of high-end acoustic partitions. The latter is possible because these partition walls with door and soundproof glass walls are 100% modular. That way your space is always flexible.

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The Maars promise

Whether you are looking for acoustic partitions, (soundproof) glass walls, fire-rated walls or multi-purpose walls; Maars is your one-stop-shop, designing, producing, installing and maintaining walls. And if you are interested in changing the layout of your space, we reuse the walls for a completely new design. That is what makes our high end solutions so unique. By keeping production in-house, we can guarantee the quality of our acoustic partitions and know exactly what we can do for you.

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What is an acoustic partition wall?

With acoustic partitions you can reduce resonance and the noise produced by conversations. Moreover, the high-end acoustic solutions by Maars have a sound-absorbing, noise-insulating function up to 60 dB.

In which spaces can you use acoustic partitions?

For over 75 years, office owners, councils, and libraries have used our sound-absorbing walls

  • Separate workspaces
  • Quiet areas in public spaces
  • Office gardens
  • The acoustics of meeting rooms
  • Flex workspaces
  • Lounge areas

To design, produce, install and maintain

Acoustic system partitions by Maars

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