The glass walls of Maars Living Walls add clarity and functionality to your space, while dividing it into different smaller, private working or meeting areas. At Maars Living Walls, you have a choice between single-glazed and double-glazed partitions. Have questions about our glass wall systems? Check out our range of clever solutions below or get in touch for more information.

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Why choose Maars Living Walls

You enjoy the following benefits when opting for the glass wall systems of Maars Living Walls:

  • Choice from a range of standard glass walls that combine fire protectionwith superb acoustics
  • Our bespoke glass walls are produced in house.
  • More than 70 years of experience supplying glass wall systems
  • Working tirelessly to improve our service

Why choose glass walls?

Glass walls are an easy way to instantly create privacy and light, airy workspaces. Our high-end glass walls all have a minimalist design, to blend in with the space’s clean-lined look.

What is the difference between single- and double-glazed walls?

The main difference between single and double-glazed walls is the level of soundproofing. With double-glazed walls, we can achieve maximum sound insulation of 50 dB. The single-glazed walls give slightly less insulation.


Standard glass walls

Maars Living Walls sells a wide range of standard glass wall systems, from simple entry-level models to high-end wall systems. Curious about our standard glass partition wall systems? Get in touch or visit our showroom.

Bespoke glass walls

Choose a bespoke glass wall system for a design that is tailored to your wishes. Because all of our glass walls are produced in house, we can build any type of system to your requirements. Have questions? Get in touch.

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What does a glass wall system cost at Maars Living Walls?

The cost of glass walls depends on a variety of factors. Starting with the type of glass wall system that you want to install. The dimensions and other additional requirements also play an important role. Check our product pages for further information about our pricing. Request a free quotation to get a better idea of the cost of your project. This will give you a better idea of the expected cost.

Visit our Harderwijk showroom

Curious about our glass walls? Come and visit our Harderwijk showroom to check out our various sample glass wall systems. We will gladly explain the various types available and their benefits and applications. Call us at + 31 (0)341 465 211 to schedule an appointment or send an e-mail to We will gladly discuss the possibilities for your space or building.