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Styleline’s versatility offers numerous variations with endless possibilities. Our years of experience have proven to be advantageous time and again. We put this in practice by developing partition walls that allow you to create an amicable environment to work and live in. Curious to why the Maars Styleline is one of the most widely used wall systems in Europe? It is because no other wall system is as easily adjustable to any wish or demand. Perfect for every situation and every budget. Our certificates are not available in North-America. 


Ricardo Costa

Vice President - Maars US

Richard Camacho

Sales Director United States

Jason Herrin

Regional Manager Southeast US

Chris Wenzel

Regional Manager California and Southwest US

Andrew Coakley

Andrew Coakley

Regional Sales Manager Texas US

Chris Garrad

Sales Project Manager, UK & Ireland

Kawan Mairuf

Export Manager

Joseph George

Regional Manager Middle East

technical information

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Wall thickness Closed: 82 / 107 mm Glas: 4/6/8 mm
Maximum Height H 3100 mm
Profile Height
Tolerancy 10 mm
STC waarde 47
EI waarde 60
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  • Versatile utilization of materials 
  • Efficient assembling-possibilities 


  • Excellent cost-effectiveness 


  • Cradle 2 Cradle Bronze Certified

Quick delivery

  • Quick delivery and assembly 

Discover the possibilities

Styleline is one of the most widely used wall systems in Europe. Want to know why? Our team is happy to tell you all about it! 

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Glass partition walls by Maars

A solid partition wall offers safety, privacy, and security. However, offering transparency in an office space is equally important. Maars offers the best of both worlds. Steel wall systems can be combined endlessly with all our glass partition walls.  

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