Maars puts a lot of creativity and functionality into its use of glass partition walls. For example, glass has different degrees of transparency. Consider panels of sandblasted glass, glass panels with integrated blinds or switchable privacy glass. Logos, images & custom graphics can also be applied to our glass partition walls with the help of film or screen printing.

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Glass partition walls by Maars

Our broad range of demountable glass partition walls includes such acclaimed series as Double Horizon,  String², Styleline, Panorama, Horizon and lalinea. Our Horizon and Double Horizon product lines combine minimalist style with a sleek design. The glass partition walls look good, in addition to blending in seamlessly with the surroundings and offering superb acoustic performance.  The one-of-a-kind designs of wall systems such as lalinea also stand out. Our lalinea line is almost invisible, conveying a sense of space.

Demountable glass partitions

You can use the demountable glass partitions of Maars Living Walls to create different spaces in your offices. This gives you the ability to easily create room divisions, in addition to optimising the available space.  Our partition walls strike the perfect balance between elegance and functionality, offering endless possibilities. Alternatively we can also design, install, and maintain your demountable glass partitions. We are your one-stop-shop for room dividers that combine superior performance in every possible way with superb design.

The benefits of our demountable glass wall systems

Our demountable glass wall systems come with several benefits:

  • The glazed walls convey optimum transparency, promoting an open atmosphere
  • The flexible wall system allows you to easily adapt the configuration at any time, in line with your needs
  • Our glass partition walls are sustainable, because they are demountable
  • Superior acoustic properties
  • Natural light is drawn in

Demountable and soundproof

Demountable means that the various parts of the wall system can be easily taken apart, making it very easy to assemble the glass partition walls, facilitating flexible, fast installation.  Removal is just as fast and easy. Our glass partition walls are also soundproof, guaranteeing optimum privacy.

Curious about our glass partition walls?

Thanks to our extensive experience in various sectors, you can choose from a wide range of glass partition walls. Our team of specialists will gladly put their skills to work for you, designing the right solution for your situation. Want to take a closer look at our demountable glass partitions? Call us at + 31 (0)341 465 211 or e-mail us at We are happy to help you develop the space you have in mind.

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