At Maars we work according to a circular approach. We find it important to contribute to sustainable and future-proof buildings because these are better for people’s well-being and the quality of their environment. How? With partitions that are modular, for example. Thanks to this optimum flexibility and interchangeability, we can constantly move in step with our customer’s changing requirements for their office design.
At the end of their life cycle, we also convert wall components into reusable products.

Our Renovation & Service specialists can provide support for:

  • Renovations

Spaces always retain flexibility with partition walls, meaning you can rearrange a room using existing partition walls. In consultation with you, our specialists create a new design, which also fully meets your requirements and wishes. But we do more: we can also disassemble and reinstall non-Maars partition walls.

  • Re-use

At Maars, we believe in reusing as many components as possible. Existing partition walls are repositioned in a different layout. On top of that, the space is restyled completely with a new finish for the existing walls and doors. Or we update their functionality. Maars has a large production facility in Harderwijk where walls and doors can be re-powder-coated in a warm or crisp colour of your choice or the wall can be wrapped with a foil or fabric. A perfect example of re-use and sustainability!

  • Modularity

Sustainability, reusability and circularity are increasingly important. Modularity is the starting premise for this, a guiding principle at Maars. Maars has been developing partition walls since the 1960s, with a focus on innovation and thus on aligning the walls with the dimensions of a space. Result: partition walls are always flexible and you can reuse them when you want to redesign your office or even transfer them to a new location.

  • Maintenance

Regular maintenance extends the life of partition walls. Our Renovation & Service department can take care of this for you. Walls and doors will last longer as a result.

Our product specialists

Ricardo Costa

Vice President - Maars US

Richard Camacho

Sales Director United States

Chris Wenzel

Regional Manager California and Southwest US

Jason Herrin

Regional Manager Southeast US

Chris Garrad

Sales Project Manager, UK & Ireland

Rebecca Wilcox

Design Lead & Account Manager US

Kawan Mairuf

Export Manager

Joseph George

Regional Manager Middle East

Vincent Simenthi

Operations Manager

Renovating our flexible partition walls is very simple!

Happy clients

Our collaboration with Maars Living Walls began in 2010 as a new construction project for our office in Rotterdam. Since then, we have engaged Maars several times for smaller or larger reconfigurations, expansions, and the development of new offices. They have succeeded in relieving us each time.

At AKD, we experience the long-standing collaboration as very pleasant. Maars responds quickly and appropriately to service and troubleshooting requests. Our wishes are heard, and they provide expert advice. During renovation works, our offices could remain in use. The work was carried out neatly, and every effort was made to minimize inconvenience.
We look forward to further collaboration!

Jolanda Loomans | Head of Facilities | AKD

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