Our way of working has changed tremendously over the years. Flexibility became a vital element and now we expect the same from our working environment. Different times ask for different solutions, based on innovative ideas and concepts. Our room-in-room solutions are designed to offer employees a safe, pleasant, and efficient space to work, connect, meet, perform and create.

Adaptable solutions

Our room-in-room solutions provide a broad variety of possibilities, measurements, setups and functionalities. With these adaptable solutions you easily create an open space for video calling, meetings, or gatherings. Discuss your matters quietly and focus completely on the collaboration with others.

Discover the possibilities

No matter what you have in mind, our experts are available for inquiries or ideas!

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Richard Camacho

Sales Director United States

Jason Herrin

Regional Manager United States Southeast

Chris Wenzel

Regional Manager United States West

Ellie Goodlet

Regional Manager - United States Northeast

Chris Garrad

Sales Project Manager United Kingdom

Kawan Mairuf

Export Manager

Joseph George

Regional Manager Middle East