Acoustic privacy with a transparent design. Glass partition walls bring transparency to any office space. A frameless design contributes to the overall aesthetics of your indoor environment. Functionality, however, is just as important. The ideal partition wall combines functionality and design. Double-glazed partition walls by Maars deliver optimal transparency while maintaining acoustic privacy.

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Glazed walls by Maars Living Walls

Looking to divide a larger space into several smaller ones? Then look no further, because that is exactly what our glazed walls are designed for. What’s more, this wall solution strikes just the right balance, providing just the right amount of openness and privacy. Our double glazed walls also combine minimum thickness with maximum safety. They are fire rated, ensuring that flames spread less easily in the event of a fire.

Double-glazed partition walls with maximum performance

Our wall systems always live up to their full potential. The broad selection of double-glazed partition walls combines the best of both worlds. They fully meet the demands of privacy and transparency. Our double-glazed partition walls our sound-proof up to 50dB.

Discover the possibilities

Searching for a functional partition wall with a personalized design? Our team is happy to help you out!

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Discover the possibilities

Searching for a functional partition wall with a personalized design? Our team is happy to help you out!

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Glazed walls: our range

You may think that selecting a glazed partition wall is easy until you see the vast array of options that we offer. Inevitably this brings us to the question: what do you find important? All our double glazed walls have distinctive features.


Do you require superior acoustic performance? Have a look at Panorama Slim, one of our latest innovations. And you can see why it’s called slim, because this partition wall has a slimmer, 10-mm system. What does this mean? Even sleeker style and enough space to accommodate all your other wishes. What’s more, our Panorama double glazed walls are extremely flexible and movable, thanks to our patented click system.


A glazed wall that succeeds in standing out while blending in. Meet lalinea. The partition wall of choice for a modern office, with flush ceiling connections and invisible profiles.

Double Horizon

Want a glazed wall that combines simplicity with seamless style? Our Double Horizon ticks all the boxes. Initially, it was only available as a single glazed wall, but recently we added a double glazed version to our range. Moreover, the Double Horizon combines seamlessly with our other partition walls.

Where will you find our glazed walls?

Our glazed wall systems are widely used in many offices, in airports, as well as in hospitals and schools. Hotels also tend to use our wall solutions a lot, as they are hygienic and easy to clean.

Are you interested in our double glazed walls?

Along with the many industries in which our customers operate, we also pride ourselves on our many years of experience. 75 years of experience, to be exact. Over the years, we have become a global market leader of partition walls. Our secret? We are always happy to help our customers, are passionate about development, and always supply custom solutions. Need glazed walls for your space? Get in touch with our specialists. We are happy to explain the many options that our products have to offer!

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