Research & Development

Reexamination and perfection are key elements of our production process. Throughout the process we keep searching for better solutions, to deliver an end-product that exceeds our customer’s expectations. That’s how we stay in the forefront of innovation, delivering the wall systems of the future.


Ricardo Costa

Vice President - Maars US

Richard Camacho

Sales Director United States

Jason Herrin

Regional Manager Southeast US

Chris Wenzel

Regional Manager California and Southwest US

Andrew Coakley

Andrew Coakley

Regional Sales Manager Texas US

Chris Garrad

Sales Project Manager, UK & Ireland

Kawan Mairuf

Export Manager

Joseph George

Regional Manager Middle East


A glass wall system that is practically invisible. In collaboration with world-renowned architects, we created this minimalist work of art. A showpiece that can hardly be seen.


The perfect combination of movable walls, functional office furniture and wall decoration!

Panorama Slim

Known for its streamlined appearance and a high acoustic performance.


CORE can be developed with all our wall systems. You determine the functionalities and the design of the cube.


The lineaCube has unique esthetics. Completely transparent and without any vertical profiles.

Discover the possibilities

Curious if we can find a fitting solution for you? We like challenges! Our team is happy to help you out.

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Benefit from our inspiring projects

Time and again, our creativity and adaptability has been put to the test by companies and institutions around the world. Our Research & Development department consistently has found a fitting solution for numerous projects. The possibilities are endless. Inspired by our projects and mockups, we keep searching for new inventive ideas. Together we can develop a concept just for you.

In our years of experience we’ve gathered a great deal of inspiration and knowledge, enabling us to keep raising the bar for future projects.

Acoustic partition walls

There is an increasing demand for great acoustics in the workspace. In our own testing laboratory we develop acoustic partition walls,  with soundproofing up to 60dB.

With specially designed sound-absorbing panels and acoustic wall systems, we can cancel ambient noise completely or tune the acoustics exactly as requested.

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