At Maars Living Walls, we specialize in the development and production of office wall systems. For over 70 years, we have been delivering standard and custom-made wall systems to clients around the world. Our living walls have been used in offices, laboratories, schools, and hotels.

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Why Maars Living Walls?

● We offer 11 unique office wall systems with outstanding performance, especially in acoustics.
● Order custom-made wall systems from our own manufacturing facility.
● Market leader in wall systems and doors.
● Over 75 years of experience in delivering wall systems in various sectors.
● We continuously focus to further develop our products.

What is a wall system?

A wall system is a partition wall that can be used to divide spaces and define certain areas. Wall systems are known for their customizability. They can be used to create interior spaces as you wish. After applying a wall system, they can always be rearranged to design your interior space exactly as desired.

Diverse applications of wall systems

Maars Living Walls is experienced in creating wall systems for diverse organizations from various sectors. Our wall systems are used to divide spaces in offices and airports. We have delivered wall systems to organizations in health care, education, and hospitality.


Custom-made wall systems

In our own production facility, we can create any wall system exactly as requested. Whether you choose for an entry-level wall system or a more high-end solution, every wall system can be made to suit your needs.

Wall system prices

More information about the price of a specific wall system can be found on the product pages. Depending on your requirements, the prices can vary. For an accurate view of the costs, we advise you to request a price estimate from our sales team.

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