Maars Living Walls: renovation of the Law Courts in Den Bosch

Maars Living Walls played a key role in the large-scale renovation of the Law Courts in Den Bosch, a project overseen by Dura Vermeer and Croon Wolter & Dros after a design by Fokkema & Partners.

The aim was to transform the working environment of the district court, the court of appeals, and the public prosecutor’s office into a sustainable space that meets modern requirements, with an emphasis on flexibility, sustainability, and reuse of materials.

Transparency and Flexibility

The court building underwent a radical transformation, with dark corridors and cramped offices making way for open, transparent spaces. Maars partition walls were installed to ensure flexibility, allowing workstations to be easily adapted to changing needs.

The emphasis throughout this project was on sustainability and the reuse of old materials, which Maars achieved by reusing the plasterboard from the old walls as backing for the new steel panels, among other things.

Innovative Solutions

Maars used various walls and doors for this renovation project, including Horizon single and double, String2 with a 50dB sound rating, Metaline 100 steel with a 55 dB sound rating, as well as Frames glass doors, HPL doors and Flush glass and steel doors with sound ratings of up to 44 dB.

Besides offering flexibility, the Maars walls also increase the court building’s sustainability as they can be reused. In the new working environment, the size of workplaces can now easily be increased or reduced thanks to our walls.

Cooperation for a great result

Maars became involved in the project as early as October 2020, at the start of the tender process.

The renovation was executed in three phases, from April 2021 until April 2023, while most of the building remained in use. We partnered with Croon Wolter & Dros and Dura Vermeer Bouw Heyma, which formed a consortium for the renovation of the Law Courts. We also collaborated with Fokkema & partners, the project’s architects, and Szymaski for the installation.

After some challenges during the start-up phase, the cooperation went very smoothly, which is apparent in the result. The renovated Law Courts meet all modern requirements and are very sustainable. It goes without saying that we are proud to have played a part in this fantastic project.

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