Following the architects Fokkema & Partners design, the constructors Dura Vermeer and Croonwolter&dros worked on a major renovation of Palace of Justice in Den Bosch. With this renovation the spaces where the of the court of law and prosecution does its job, have been made sustainable and future proof again.

The dark and long hallways made place for rooms defined by openness and transparency.

  • Besides a transparent design, flexibility was just as important in the architects design.

The workplaces can be easily adjusted in space either bigger or smaller. To guarantee this flexibility Maars partition walls has been installed.

To create comfortable places to work with a high-end design the steel walls Metaline in combination with String2 with wooden finish have been installed. The single- and double glass wall Horizon is installed to create the desired transparent design. For the doors the architect chose the Glazed Framed Door and Flush Steel Door, they finish the design seamlessly.

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