We offer high quality and multi-purpose partition walls. Are you looking for quality, design and flexibility? We create solid partition walls that are consistent in quality, contain versatile materials, and have various features and applications. No matter what your vision is, we can deliver the wall systems to realize it. The solid base and esthetical properties of steel can be seamlessly integrated with the flexibility of plaster vinyl, the timeless appearance of melamine or our all-glass partition walls.

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Regain your privacy with steel

Transparency is a recurring element in the current office space. It makes it challenging to achieve visual and acoustic privacy. Maars steel wall systems create an excellent balance between transparency and privacy. Our steel partition walls enable impressive results. We maximize their performance by putting great effort into research & development, day in and day out, from our own testing laboratory.

Benefits of our steel partition walls

A steel partition wall has several benefits. Firstly, it’s an easy solution for changing the layout of your space and creating more rooms. You also have several options to choose from: which panels do you want to use for the steel partition wall? Do you want to incorporate a door? Which type of glass do you prefer? The space looks more luxurious and our steel partition walls are also very solid. If you choose to combine it with one of the many types of glass we offer, you also enjoy more natural light and a view of the adjoining rooms.

Discover the possibilities

Are you facing challenges arranging an indoor space? A solid partition wall can offer the solution. Our team is happy to help you out!

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What can you expect from our steel partition walls?

We have a wide range of steel partition walls with many options? Are you looking for a good quality steel partition wall at an affordable price? Our Metaline wall offers all this and more. And steel doesn’t always have to look coarse, as this wall solution shows, reducing loss of space to next to nothing with its minimum thickness. What’s also nice is that there is no long waiting time, as we can refurbish your office space in no time with all with this stunning steel partition wall thanks to our inventive click connection.

The product features of our closed walls

String² and Styleline are just two of the closed wall options in the Maars Living Walls range. We also high-end wall finishes with Cladding. Are you interested in one of these high-end product lines? You won’t regret your choice! If you want the walls to seamlessly match your interior, cladding is always a good idea. Styleline is available in different materials, such as steel, melamine, glass, plaster and vinyl. Our String² series is equally versatile, exceeding your expectations in terms of diversity and performance.

Interested in closed walls?

Excellent performance in terms of functionality and 100% custom-built solutions: we go that extra mile! This is typical of closed walls and our method. Our partition walls are produced in-house. That way we can guarantee our customers that every closed wall only leaves our plant when it has met all our quality requirements. And because we have more than 75 years of experience, we know exactly what we’re talking about. Questions? Get in touch to receive more information about our steel partition walls. Our specialists are happy to help.

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