Stylish frameless glazed partition walls for maximum transparency

Our single-glazed partition walls add to the aesthetics of a space like no other solution. Create a high-end design with frameless glazed partition walls for a minimalist design.

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Combine transparency and privacy with frameless glazed partition walls for your office spaces. With this unique combination you will experience a stylish open working atmosphere while still being able to fully concentrate thanks to the excellent sound-dampening effect. Our single-glazed partition wall solutions are not only used in offices either. We have installed these in places like hospitals, schools, airports and hospitality facilities too.

Optimal transparency with a minimalist design

Transparency is a vital element of current interior design trends. At the same time, the aesthetic standard of indoor spaces is increasing. Our single-glazed partition walls live up to these wishes and demands. With the world’s lowest base profile, a state-of-the-art appearance, and a minamlist design, you can enhance the look of any indoor environment.

These solutions with frameless elements bring cohesion to diverse styles and blend harmoniously with any interior. And if you want to use it to add a touch of contrast, that’s also an option.

Why choose frameless glazed partition walls?

Not only do frameless glazed partition walls lend a space a luxurious touch, with these partition walls you do not feel closed in. Moreover, you can choose from several pane thicknesses and you can easily combine this product line with a wide variety of doors. We supply all your partition walls to size and we arrange the installation in no time at all.

If you are looking to create a tranquil space in your busy workplace, you’ll be glad to hear that this partition wall solution scores excellently in terms of sound insulation. This makes these partition walls extremely suitable for spaces like meeting rooms, for example, where you and your colleagues can discuss matters in a quiet setting with maximum light.

The advantages of frameless single-glazed walls

An excellent balance between transparency and privacy: that’s a promise we make with full confidence when we talk about our frameless single-glazed partition walls. With this solution you enjoy the highest possible acoustic performance.

But what makes our single-glazed walls even more special? To begin with this is the ultimate solution when it comes to the aesthetics of the room. And if you are looking for a wall solution that is virtually invisible, you need look no further than our Horizon and Styleline partition walls. With these glazed partition walls, you have a wall solution with a high-end design that gives the concept of transparency a whole new meaning.

Ask us about the possibilities (no strings attached)

We can safely call ourselves the number one expert in the area of design, sound insulation and fire resistance. And also very important, we develop and produce our frameless glazed partition walls ourselves. How does this benefit you? This way we customise every element and detail of your glazed partition wall solution to your personal wishes, with the result that Maars partition walls will always live up to your needs and wishes, whatever these may be. One of our project managers would be happy to hear what they can do for you.

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