Maars delivers functional and flexible cleanroom for Veco

Veco, a market leader in the production of micro-precision components, aimed to establish an advanced cleanroom for their litho production. The goal was to create an environment that met high standards of purity and precision, to support their production processes. Additionally, the cleanroom needed to provide a pleasant working environment for the operators. Maars, in collaboration with client Weiss Technik and Veco themselves, created a flexible space that could be adapted as needed.


The main challenge for this project was to achieve ISO Class 5 specifications. Ensuring air tightness and minimizing particle emission were essential requirements. Lastly, no daylight was allowed to enter the space.


To meet ISO Class 5 standards and the demand for flexibility, we chose to use our String² walls, along with flush glazing and solid core doors. Our steel walls were selected for their ability to emit no particles, while providing flexibility for future expansions and the installation of additional equipment. This combination ensured optimal air tightness and minimized contamination while retaining the desired flexibility.


The project was successfully completed, with the cleanroom meeting the specified specifications. The collaboration between Maars, Weiss Technik, and Veco went very well. This was due to a constructive approach, practical focus, and thorough preparation. Delivery was swift and punctual, resulting in a highly satisfied customer.

The end result is a functional cleanroom that is aesthetically appealing and offers flexibility. Maars, Veco, and Weiss Technik have had a longstanding relationship. For example, Maars walls were already present in the office section of Veco. We look forward to a clean future collaboration.

Partition walls


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