Matrix Innovation Center

The Matrix Innovation Center has been designed by MVRDV architects and together we arranged the layout of the spaces. Matrix One can be found in the east of Amsterdam, in the Science Park. It is an innovative environment, where sustainable solutions for current and future challenges are being worked on.

When you work in an innovative environment, it is of course important to contribute to the sustainability goals. In this project, free subdivision, reusability of material where of course very important, as were the high noise requirements.

Several tenants are located in Matrix One. During construction, we responded to the wishes of the first tenants. In the meantime, several tenants have joined where the first design was not to their liking. For example, rooms were too small or too large. It was easy for us to adjust the layout and make it completely to the wishes of the new tenants.

Future tenants can also decide for themselves how the space is arranged.

We are very proud to be able to participate in this project. Sustainability and modularity are high on our agenda. We design walls and office solutions for the future.

Watch this video for more information about the project and the result.

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