Installation of Maars walls for Jetcraft

Last year, we have finished another exciting project for US based Jetcraft, a worldwide leader in aircraft sales and brokering.


For this project, we worked closely with partner Intereum, as well as Mission Construction as the general contractor, Studio BV as the architect, Cresa as the owner’s representative and project manager, and The Marathon Group for the installation of Maars walls. This partnership allowed us to achieve a minimalist aesthetic featuring slanted walls, that resembles Jetcraft’s London office, while also achieving high standards in acoustic performance.


Maars solutions including Horizon and Carré walls, acoustic swing doors, and acoustic slider doors for this project. Intereum worked with the design firm to understand their vision and needs, discussing the best Maars products to achieve the desired results. This strong partnership not only ensured the project’s success, but can be used for future collaborations too.


The design intent required minimal framing details with horizontal separation to complement the surrounding high-end architectural elements. Additionally, Jetcraft required a system that provided mid-level acoustic privacy for offices, conference rooms, and huddle rooms, creating a comfortable working environment for their employees. Maars met these needs with our Horizon/Carré system, offering 36 dB sound insulation, and our frameless glass hinged and ASD sliding doors, providing 35 dB sound insulation.


The project was fully installed and completed in September 2023. Sustainability was a key consideration for Jetcraft. Maars contributed to these sustainability efforts through the eco-friendly manufacturing processes and materials used in our wall systems.


Jetcraft is a worldwide leader in aircraft sales and brokering, emphasizing their significant presence in the industry.

Photography: © Corey Gaffer

Partition walls

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