Flexible, sustainable and modular future-proof office for international client

In 2023, we collaborated with a Global AI Mapping Company and a local Maars dealer. Together, we did a pilot project for an anticipated roll across the estate in the EMEA region.

From start to finish in July 2023, Maars played a big role in shaping every aspect of the project’s design. Our involvement spanned the entire spectrum, from conceptualization to delivery and we were able to influence both the overall design, look, feel and finishes. The interchangeable modular design was key to the project.

Sustainability and modularity

The project had a big focus on sustainability and modularity. The new office needed to become future proof and flexible. We were able to deliver this by choosing our component based solution, which is cradle-2-cradle certified as all Maars’ systems, for the complete project. Our choice of using an interchangeable modular solution not only makes it easy to adapt, but also makes the new office completely future proof.


One standout feature of this collaboration is the utilization of Core. This flexible solution not only gives more options, but also underscores our commitment to crafting spaces that evolve with the needs of modern enterprises. From the Core framework, any Maars system can be installed within the aperture giving long term flexibility. The complete project is freestanding and independent from the structure of the building.


Throughout the project, Maars worked closely with the client’s in-house design team and wider professional team. The success of this project shows a focus environment for dedicated programming teams as well as a seamless collaboration.. With the pilot, we have set a great example for project for an anticipated roll out across the estate in EMEA.

Partition walls

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