North Shore Bank

North Shore Bank has completely changed the banking experience. Together, with the rockstar team at MSR Design and our dealer Intereum, they came up with a plan to completely transform their space. Maars Living Walls were up to this task.

North Shore Bank is no longer just a bank – it is a public space that welcomes in the local community and doubles as an art gallery.

To properly execute their vision, their team sought a modular walls solution that could provide more than just pretty glass partition walls. The design called for a completely freestanding modular wall product.

This impressive Maars installation is the first of its kind. The interior boasts an island of freestanding private offices, conference rooms, two open offices and a walkway.

Centralizing the workspaces opened up the perimeter of the space to showcase the bank’s impressive art collection, supported by adjacent soft seating for local art enthusiasts and clientele alike. North Shore Bank achieved what they set out to do — they created a banking experience like no other.

Partition walls

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