A unique installation of M923. for Gensler office Miami.

Designed in collaboration with Gensler as product design consultant the M923. Is the modular panel system that brings down all barriers.

M923. defines open areas with the right functionality. For the Gensler Design Lab in their Miami office our dealer partner CWC installed this impressive M923. design. Within this open design the M923. creates a space that ensures the ability to focus.

M923. steel profiles comes in many different powder coated finishes. Gensler chose the matte black finish that gives a clean and industrial look to the space. For the snap in place panels you can choose from a wide range of finishes like moss, cork, fabrics and powder coat. At the Gensler office two types of moss are used in combination with perforated panels. On the other side of the M923. white board panels are installed to create functionality.

Together it is an impressive M923. design that really stands out.

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