Unlimited finish options for M923.

M923. our truly living wall, consisting of snap-in-place panels defines open areas with the right type of functionality. Users can easily change the structure and the design of the wall themselves.

  • Panels are easy to change and this way you can quickly transform the appearance of a space.

One of the unique aspects of M923. is the wide range of colors and finishes for the panels. With all these panels you can design the wall yourselves. Because the range of finishes are such an important feature of M923. we are always looking for ways to extend our range of finishes.

  • We have managed to find high-quality wrap around foils that create any desired look for your M923. panel.

Part of the range of foil finishes are for example wood, marble, leather or crocodile – look. Contact our Product Specialists to order a sample box with all the new finish options. With the help of these samples you can choose your desired finish.

  • Besides the foil finishes we are also able to deliver the extremely popular Corten steel-look.

This finish can give your M923. an unique industrial look.

These new one – of – a kind finishes of the M923. can be ordered via our Product Specialists.


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