With years of experience, expertise and worldwide inspiration Maars is specialized in Sliding Doors.

We always put a great effort in optimizing and developing our product portfolio. We love to challenge ourselves to maximize the performances of all our products including Sliding Doors.

In 2016 Research and Development led to the award winning and an one-of-a-kind sliding door with certified acoustical performances. We are proud that as for now the Maars Sliding Door Premium still is the only Sliding Door available in the market with certified acoustic performances. ​​​​​​​

While our competitors do offer Sliding Doors with acoustic features, they are not able to reach an official certificate for these acoustic features. It is up to us to compete with all of the products in the market without an acoustic certificate.

Therefor we have decided to add another Sliding Door type, with acoustic features but without officially tested acoustic results. The Sliding Door Plus has been added to our Sliding Door portfolio. A door with a soft close, cover cap for the knobs, drop seal and profiles with vertical rubbers. The vertical rubbers are the seal with which we can offer acoustical features.

With this asset to our Sliding Door portfolio we also have changed the names of our Sliding Door. There is the Sliding Door, the Sliding Door Plus and the Sliding Door Premium. The Sliding Door Premium is the only door with acoustic certificates.