Maars walls in the New Amsterdam Court House.

Maars Living Walls are in the new and largest courthouse in The Netherlands. A building, ten floors high with a surface of 60,200 square feet, with fifty courtrooms and offers 1000 employees a place to work.

The design of the courthouse radiates authority, yet remains inviting. This inviting and accessible feeling is created by glass-centric design. Maars glazed walls String² and Horizon are perfectly in place in this open and transparent space.

Flexibele and Sustainable
The courthouse is designed with flexible and sustainable solutions so that the layout can be easily changed to fit with new developments in the future. Maars partition walls can be fully demounted and can evolve with the needs and demands that comes with new developments. This way our partition walls contributes to the sustainability of the courthouse. The walls that are installed in the new courthouse are certified with Cradle to Cradle Silver.

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