Maars Living Walls x Gensler present M923. Digital

The Digital Experience Design team at Gensler partnered with the premium environment product manufacturer Maars Living Walls to integrate Transparent OLED into the next level of living and working space. This was accomplished through the M923. Digital  – a modular partition system that allows physical spaces to come to life with visual information that supports almost any task imaginable.

Lobby Welcome Experience

Gensler demonstrated the power of this technology by creating an unforgettable hospitality moment at the exhibit entrance. Utilizing augmented reality, viewers witnessed vivid petals animate outward from a physical vase on a counter, and float into a calendar display. It becomes quickly apparent that Transparent OLED is not just another display – but that it is a window into an entire new world of possibilities.

“I see Transparent OLED having endless possibilities. Seeing it applied to many different applications while we’re here [at OIF] really makes me believe we can integrate it within all our wall systems.” – Richard Camacho, Maars Living Wall

Flex Space

Further into the exhibit, the flex space showcased an even greater range of possibilities for this new category of display. Utilizing Transparent OLED Technology, users can access information or peer through it, which allows the same space to become a conference room or a yoga retreat with the simple push of a button. This design allows occupants to seamlessly transition from a holographic conference call into an emotionally recharging meditation. Never before have rejuvenation and productivity been so closely aligned.

“Our environment can shift rapidly with the Transparent OLED. Having digital display technology embedded in your environment enables the end user to rapidly change that environment, to meet the needs of the people who are using that space. They can go from making it a place for a hybrid meeting to some place for meditation, relaxation, health, wellness, to a social event where you’re supporting community and culture within your environment.” – Michael Schneider, Gensler

If you want more information about Gensler x Maars Living Walls present M923. Digital (Block Partition), download the brochure.

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