At Maars Living Walls, we specialize in the development and production of partition walls. We have been supplying standard and bespoke partition walls to customers in different industries for over 70 years, which is why you may spot Maars Living Walls in offices, laboratories, and hotels.

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Why Maars Living Walls?

● Choice of 11 standard partition walls that combine superb fire protection with excellent acoustics
● Bespoke partition walls that are produced in-house
● The market leader for partition walls and doors
● More than 70 years of experience supplying partition walls to a wide range of industries
● Continuous focus on further development

What are partition walls?

Partition walls are used to divide a space into two smaller spaces. Partition walls are very flexible. You can use a partition wall to divide any room exactly as you want. What’s more, you can always change the layout or even the entire partition wall after installation.

Applications of partition walls

Maars Living Walls has already supplied partition walls to a wide range of industries. We have supplied partition walls to divide areas and spaces in offices and airports, in addition to working with customers in health care, education and the hospitality industry.


Bespoke partition walls

Whether you prefer an entry-level partition wall system or a high-end variant: we can tailor almost any partition wall to your wishes as we produce all of our systems in-house.

Prices of partition walls

You can find further information about the prices on the product pages of our different partition walls. The final cost depends on any additional requirements. We recommend that you request a free quotation for a clear picture of price range.


Partition walls in your offices

Our flexible partition walls are ideally suited for offices. You can seamlessly combine the different systems with each other to create the right partition wall for every space. Are you looking to create more light and bright workspaces? Choose a glass partition wall. Do you want to create more privacy in meeting rooms or specific workspaces? A closed partition wall or a partition wall with privacy glass may be just the solution you are looking for in that case. Thanks to the many possibilities of partition walls, you can seamlessly tailor the layout and properties to your wishes. The specialists at Maars Living Walls will gladly discuss the options with you.

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Different types of partition walls

Partition walls are very versatile, meaning they can be used in almost any space and for almost any purpose. At the same time, people often find it difficult to imagine the many possibilities precisely because they are so versatile. We will gladly discuss the various options with you.

Glass partition walls

A glass partition wall creates an enhanced sense of space. You can see through the room divider, which also makes the room appear larger. To create additional privacy, you can cover part or all of the glass partition wall with privacy film. Glass partition walls also provide noise insulation. You don’t have to worry about private conversations being overheard or boisterous meetings causing noise nuisance elsewhere in the building. A glass partition wall is the ideal solution for a modern office, because it offers an enhanced sense of space, transparency and noise insulation. At Maars Living Walls we supply single-glazed partition walls and double-glazed partition walls.

Closed partition walls

A closed partition wall offers an enhanced sense of privacy, security and safety.  Closed walls were the standard in conventional offices. Since then, many office buildings have taken advantage of the benefits of glass partitions but this creates a number of privacy challenges. As a result, closed partition walls have seen an uptick. These partition walls can be seamlessly combined with other partition wall systems. The resulting closed space offers the right level of privacy, security, and also fits in with the modern design of the other walls.

Acoustic partition walls

Peace and quiet in the office is one of the most conducive factors for productivity. Acoustics are an increasingly important criterion in the selection of good partition walls. The acoustic partition walls of Maars were developed to offer a high level of noise insulation. We have developed high-end solutions that offer sound insulation up to 60dB in our own test lab. A partition wall from Maars Living Walls is your guarantee for a beautiful design, in addition to increased productivity thanks to superb acoustics.

Fire-proof partition walls

Safety is a priority in any (public) space. Fire protection is an important aspect of this safety. When choosing a partition wall, you must therefore also take its level of fire protection into account. In addition, walls in some public spaces, including schools, libraries, and town halls, must often be certified. Maars Living Walls offers fire-resistant partition walls with this certification to guarantee optimum security for you, your employees and your visitors.

Multi-purpose partition walls

‘The new normal’ and ‘the new way of working’ means multi-purpose offices are the way forward. Modern offices therefore need more flexibility. You can create this flexibility with the multi-purpose partition walls of Maars Living Walls. Our partition walls can be fitted with special ‘snap-in-place’ panels in different finishes with which can be endlessly combined to design a space yourself.

Bespoke solutions for any space

Glass, closed, acoustic, fire-resistant, or multi-purpose. You can give any office or workspace a makeover according to your wishes with a partition wall. The specialists at Maars Living Walls will help you take stock of your wishes and devise the right solution for you.

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FAQs about partition walls

What is a partition wall system?

A partition wall system is a flexible wall system. Like regular walls, partition walls are used to divide two spaces. Unlike regular walls, partition walls can be easily rearranged when your requirements change. After installation, you can easily change the layout of a space or even the entire building at any time in the future.

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How much do partition walls cost?

The cost of partition walls depends on your wishes. Please refer to the Maars Living Walls brochures for further information about the prices of our various types of partition wall systems. Do you want a clear idea of the cost of your preferred partition wall? Request a free quotation.

Can all types of partition walls be combined with each other?

All partition walls of Maars Living Walls can be seamlessly combined. You can integrate glass and closed walls in one and the same design. In some instances, the partition walls of different brands cannot be combined. Do you have a partition wall system that was not installed by Maars Living Walls? Get in touch to discuss the possibilities with us.

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How do I know which partition walls I need?

To find out which partition walls would best suit your needs, you should list your requirements for the space in which you will be installing them. Do you prefer an open, transparent space or do you require more privacy? Public spaces often also have additional (regulatory) requirements in terms of fire protection or acoustics. Check the applicable regulations and combine this with your personal wishes. The Maars Living Walls consultants are happy to help you.

Which doors can be installed in partition walls?

In some instances, regular doors won’t fit in partition walls. Maars Living Walls has a wide range of door designs that can be seamlessly integrated in our partition walls. Combine the various partitions with a wooden, glass or steel door and make your selection from the wide range of additional properties.

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