We proudly announce that we have started with the preparations of our upcoming project: Campus 300 in Den Bosch, the Netherlands!

The first steps have been taken into this important milestone in creating this innovative campus for current students as well as future generations. Campus 300 will become the symbol of our joint vision on sustainability as well as modern architecture.

A big shout out to the amazing construction team: Van Wijnen Rosmalen, DP6 architectuurstudio and Avans University of Applied Sciences and their commitment and expertise. We are looking forward to a successful cooperation and creating an inspiring and futureproof campus where knowledge and innovation are combined.

Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting project!

After the great Halo 1 test results earlier this year, it was now time to test Halo 2 and Halo 4. Both office pods are in the final stage of development, and therefore ready for testing.

Again, we are very excited about the results: all tested models achieved the goal of a minimum of 30 dB. Or in other words: Halo 2 and Halo 4 are Class A in acoustics, according to ISO 23351-1! For Halo 2, the test result of 30 dB even counts for with and without floor!

During the tests we achieved the following results:

  • Our Halo 2 with floor, double sound absorption cassette, double Bi-block and 12.5 mm acoustic layered glass door achieved a speech level reduction of 30 dB.
  • Our Halo 2 without floor, double sound absorption cassette, double Bi-block and 12.5 mm acoustic layered glass door achieved a speech level reduction of 30 dB.
  • Our Halo 4 without floor, quadruple sound absorption cassette, double Bi-block and 12.5 mm acoustic layered glass door achieved a speech level reduction of 30 dB.

Based on the results we can conclude that for Halo 2 and Halo 4 the test results are the same for with and without floor.

About Peutz
Peutz is part of Peutz Group. The group exists of independent agencies, which are specialized in for example acoustics, sound control and environment technology. Peutz has a unique acoustical lab and is the first acoustical lab in the Netherlands. It has been accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

Last week we were present at the Workspace Design Show in RAI Amsterdam. Maars was present with a small stand, close to the entrance of the fair. To the Show we brought a Halo 1 and Halo 2.

Bringing the two office pods gave visitors the opportunity to live experience our office pods. Many people looked at the design and stepped into both Halo to check out the space as well as our superb acoustics. Frequently asked questions as “Can we get them in every color we like” and “Are the pods being made in the Netherlands” were all answered with “yes”. Other positive feedback was about the modularity of Halo, possibility of changing the configuration, even after installation and speech-privacy.

At the Workspace Design Show several other office pods providers were present. This gave visitors the opportunity to compare Halo with the other providers. It was very good to hear that on the other stands, people were talking about Halo and we very excited about Halo. We were excited that visitors from all over the world came to our stand.

Workspace Design Show brings together workspace architects and designers. It was great to share thoughts, receive so much positive feedback and get the opportunity to show Halo to so many people.

We are very excited to share that our Halo Experience is now officially open!

At our headquarter in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, we have created a special Halo Experience, where you will be able to see, feel and of course experience all Halo models. The Halo Experience is a showroom where all our types of office pods can be experienced.

Of course our Class A+ Halo 1 is present, as well as four other types of Halo’s. It gives you the opportunity to experience what Halo office pod is all about.

Experience different types of Halo office pods

The Halo Experience gives you the opportunity to step into:

  • A vintage blue Halo 1 with 3 sides glass and 1 side solid, no floor;
  • A Maars orange and black Halo 1 with 2 sides glass, 2 sides solid and floor;
  • An urban style white green Halo 2 with door and table in the middle, no floor;
  • A classic gold and red Halo 2, door on the left with floor;
  • A modern black and white Halo 4 with no floor.

Experience Halo’s superior acoustics

To give you an impression, please check out the pictures below as well as the impression video. But the photo’s and video does not give you the real experience. Evidently, acoustics is hard to experience when you are not actually there.

Besides, Halo Experience also gives you the opportunity to see all options available for our office pods, since we showcase different configurations as well as different colors.

Therefore, you are most welcome to visit our office and step into our office pods. Contact us directly to book your visit!

At Maars we organize International Sales Meetings (ISM) on a regular basis. Normally these are online, but for this edition we decide to invite our colleagues to Maars’ headquarters in Harderwijk.

The ISM took place on September 28 + 29 and was a huge success. The gathering provided a wealth of insights and information, and offered a wonderful opportunity for colleagues to connect with each other.

International Sales Meeting program

Part of the program was a tour through the newly opened Halo Experience, our factory as well as a new build cleanrooms setting. Additionally, there were presentations on sustainability and modularity, with a focus on the three Es: Experience, Expertise, and Excellence. Furthermore, our colleagues took part in an interactive part of the program, working with colleagues they had not worked before, using different markets and different cultures.

It was great to welcome our colleagues from all over the world, from the United States, Switzerland, Dubai, UK, France, China, Germany and Belgium.

We really appreciated all contribution, for Maars to grow even further as a company.

Meet Halo! Our brand new product is ready to go and now available for drawing and ordering in Maars 4D. Are you ready to explore the full range of options that are available for Halo?

Learn all about it in our introduction video:

Can’t get enough of it? Read all about Halo or download the brochure through our website.

Maars 4D office extension

As announced before; with the release of Halo we’ve also applied another major change.
The former Maars 4D extension is now separated into two separate extensions:

  • 1. Maars 4D Walls contains our partitioning walls
    (String2, Metaline, Horizon, lalinea, Styleline, Cubes, Living options)
  • 2. Maars 4D Office contains our office and furniture related products
    (Halo + M923.)

Maars 4d extensies

Both extensions are available on the Configura Marketplace and all existing users have received access to both extensions. The current M923. extension has been eliminated and replaced with the Maars 4D Office extension. The Maars 4D Office extension is free of charge so there are no additional costs involved. With this new set-up Maars is able to offer a future proof construction for new product developments. You can download the free Maars 4D office extension in the Configura marketplace.

Technical support

Due to this technical change you might have seen a notification in CET at the start-up that states ‘Missing valid licenses’ for Maars M923. You can simply click uninstall extensions and continue; Maars 4D Office will automatically download. In case you have any technical issues, please contact the Maars 4D team.

After extensive testing in our test lab, Halo 1 has now also been tested official in Peutz’ acoustical lab. We are very proud to announce that Halo 1 has scored beyond expectations. Therefore, we can deliver Halo 1 in Classes A+, A and B, according to ISO 23351-1!

During the tests we achieved the following values:

Halo Exclusive+ | Sound Class A+ | 33 dB
Halo 1 with floor and double sound absorption cassette achieved a speech level reduction of 33 dB, which makes it the best in the market.

Halo Exclusive | Sound Class A | 30.4 dB
Halo 1 with floor and single sound absorption cassette achieved a speech level reduction of 30.4 dB.

Halo Comfort | Sound Class B
We are also able to deliver a Class B Halo Office Pod, with our Halo 1 pod without floor.

The official testing took place in week 19. The official documents with the test results will be available shortly. Please find more information on Halo on our website.

About Peutz
Peutz is part of Peutz Group. The group exists of independent agencies, which are specialized in for example acoustics, sound control and environment technology. Peutz has a unique acoustical lab and is the first acoustical lab in the Netherlands. It has been accredited according to ISO/IEC 17025.

We are very proud to announce, that we can add the Halo series to our official design rights. In cooperation with our patent office, we have recorded the design (details) of our new HALO product. 

In addition to recording our technical patents & patents, we also record designs of our new products in design rights. With this, we permanently protect the design and certain details of our wall systems and solutions.

The design rights of the Halo series have now been added. The modular design of the Halo is unique in the market and entirely in Maars style. You can easily turn the Halo 1 into a Halo 2 or a Halo 4. In terms of design, you also have complete freedom, so that Halo fits perfectly into the working environment.

Would you like to know more about the possibilities of Halo? Design your office pod in our pod configurator!

Halo Office Pod brand video

Over the last few weeks we have been busy with creating a brand video for our Halo office pod. Goal: to show how Halo enriches the work environment and your life in different ways, what makes Halo so special and why Halo is indispensable in every work environment.

For recording the video, we have placed two Halo pods at ECG projects in Nunspeet. At this beautiful location we have placed two different Halo’s: different in color and different in configuration. The video has been created by CoolCreative.

The result? A fantastic brand video showcasing everything Halo has to offer. The best acoustic performance in the market (Class A+ according to ISO-23351-1), endlessly configurable, unique modular design and perfect dimensions. But really the video speaks for itself.

Halo Office Pod brand video

After 20 years of a fruitful cooperation as a joint venture, Maars Jansen Living Walls NV will continue as Maars BeLux NV from May 16. From a strategic point of view, Maars Holding takes over the remaining 50% of the shares and becomes an only shareholder.

The well-oiled machine that we have been for two decades just keeps on running. We are happy to serve offices, education and cleanrooms, but also the healthcare sector with our combined know-how in the field of modular, flexible system walls.

What does this mean to you?

The cooperation between Maars BeLux and Maars Netherlands will improve through the share takeover and also enable us to propagate our mission, vision and philosophy even better. Our extensive range of services guarantees that you can fully implement your sustainable ambitions.

Maars Halo Pod

Do you already know our Halo office pod?

Halo offers a modular work and meeting place with high-end design and unsurpassed acoustic performance. In short, the perfect place to work undisturbed and concentrated or to have a meeting in peace. You can configure Halo completely according to your own wishes; design the way you want it!

Discover Halo on our website

Save the date: 15 and 22 June open afternoons

On Thursdays June 15 and 22 we will organize Open Door Afternoons at our office in Mechelen. Here you can experience the Halo office pod, with integrated LED lighting and ventilation, for yourself. Of course you can also make an appointment for this. More information about the program will follow soon. Do you save the dates in your diary?

Name change: Maars BeLux NV

Address + registered office: Battelsesteenweg 455B, 2800 Mechelen
VAT BE 0466.510.810
Price questions: price@maars.be
Invoices: invoices@maars.be
General: info@maars.be

Do you have questions regarding this message? Here you can find the details of your contact person.

This week we had the grand opening of our new showroom in Shanghai, China! During the opening ceremony there were various presentations. Attendees listened to presentations from for example Menno de Vries (Maars CEO) Mr. Benjamin Li (CEO of Maars China) and Marjo Crompvoets (Consul General of the Netherlands in Shanghai).

We celebrated this huge milestone with a big group of representatives from interior designers, general contractors, project management companies, Maars dealers, industry media, IWBI officials and many more! The were all warmly welcomed by our China team.

M923. launch

During the opening ceremony we also took the opportunity to launch our new wall M923. M923. is thé solution to finding the perfect balance between openness and privacy in your work environment. With a few quick alterations you can transform the layout of your partition wall exactly as desired. M923. has been created in collaboration with Gensler, serving as product design consultant.

The showroom opening ceremony was a great success and the perfect moment to launch M923. in China. Please watch the video for an impression of the ceremony.

We are becoming increasingly aware of the environment in which we work. This must not only be functional, but also of high quality. An important part is fresh air. This, for example, benefits productivity and focus.

Until now, these kinds of things have not been looked at, the more minimalist the better was the pattern in the past.

Maars Breathing Wall, one of our surprising options for integrated functions in wall systems. The patented solution for ventilation through the wall without reducing acoustic performance is seamlessly incorporated into the wall.

In this video we show how a ventilation system integrates seamlessly into your working environment. No ugly ventilation grilles or other parts that do not fit into the interior.

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