We proudly present: Halo Experience

We are very excited to share that our Halo Experience is now officially open!

At our headquarter in Harderwijk, the Netherlands, we have created a special Halo Experience, where you will be able to see, feel and of course experience all Halo models. The Halo Experience is a showroom where all our types of office pods can be experienced.

Of course our Class A+ Halo 1 is present, as well as four other types of Halo’s. It gives you the opportunity to experience what Halo office pod is all about.

Experience different types of Halo office pods

The Halo Experience gives you the opportunity to step into:

  • A vintage blue Halo 1 with 3 sides glass and 1 side solid, no floor;
  • A Maars orange and black Halo 1 with 2 sides glass, 2 sides solid and floor;
  • An urban style white green Halo 2 with door and table in the middle, no floor;
  • A classic gold and red Halo 2, door on the left with floor;
  • A modern black and white Halo 4 with no floor.

Experience Halo’s superior acoustics

To give you an impression, please check out the pictures below as well as the impression video. But the photo’s and video does not give you the real experience. Evidently, acoustics is hard to experience when you are not actually there.

Besides, Halo Experience also gives you the opportunity to see all options available for our office pods, since we showcase different configurations as well as different colors.

Therefore, you are most welcome to visit our office and step into our office pods. Contact us directly to book your visit!

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