Successful International Sales Meeting in Harderwijk

At Maars we organize International Sales Meetings (ISM) on a regular basis. Normally these are online, but for this edition we decide to invite our colleagues to Maars’ headquarters in Harderwijk.

The ISM took place on September 28 + 29 and was a huge success. The gathering provided a wealth of insights and information, and offered a wonderful opportunity for colleagues to connect with each other.

International Sales Meeting program

Part of the program was a tour through the newly opened Halo Experience, our factory as well as a new build cleanrooms setting. Additionally, there were presentations on sustainability and modularity, with a focus on the three Es: Experience, Expertise, and Excellence. Furthermore, our colleagues took part in an interactive part of the program, working with colleagues they had not worked before, using different markets and different cultures.

It was great to welcome our colleagues from all over the world, from the United States, Switzerland, Dubai, UK, France, China, Germany and Belgium.

We really appreciated all contribution, for Maars to grow even further as a company.

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