Quick shipment U.S.A. program

For the first time in our company history, Maars is holding a stock of products in the United States. Stock for Horizon in Matte Black finish and for the M923.

  • With this program we will be able to serve the US market with faster delivery and lower freight costs.

This will allow us to better serve our customers and fulfill needs for fast-turnaround and smaller projects.

With this Quick Ship Program we can deliver

  • Quick lead team within three weeks
  • Superior quality
  • Flexibility

Want to know more about the Quick Ship Program? Please reach out to us!

Dealers can place orders up to a certain value the same way as usual and orders will be fulfilled by our dealer partners.

  • The Horizon stock will be stocked in the US by our dealer partner, OP Houston and the M923. stock will be stocked by our dealer partner Intereum.
  • M923.

When M923. was designed, the goal was to always carry a stock of product in the United States. The M923. stock program contains profiles and panels in all standard finishes like powder coat, fabric, moss, markerboard, and transparent!


From the stock locations in Minneapolis and Houston the products will be shipped to locations all around North America.

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