Highest classification for burning behavior in company history

String² and Metaline have achieved the highest classification for burning behavior in our company history. This is not a classification of fire rating but of how components burn when they are already on fire.

Both walls, in the steel versions, are certified with class A2. For partition walls, this is the highest possible classification.

Part of this test is the smoke development, smoke intensity, and falling (“drop”) of debris.

To be certified, the walls had to pass two tests. In the first test conform NEN-EN3823, the wall was subjected to a flame test, to determine the propagation on the surface, the degree of smoke development, and the smoke intensity.

The first test was completed successfully. Only then the wall can proceed with the second test, after which where the value of all testing is determined conform NEN-EN ISO11925-2. Both Metaline and String2 passed both tests well, resulting in: A2 – S1 , D0 (Smoke 1 and Droplets 0)

Public spaces such as schools, town halls, and libraries are projects that often require certification on burning behavior. With these great results our Metaline and String2 walls, fully meet this requirement.

This classification is valid in Europe. 

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