MCB Valkenswaard, the beauty of steel shines in this unique design

As a metal wholesaler, MCB International is as much of a fan of steel as we are. In fact, MCB is also a supplier for certain parts of our steel partition walls. MCB supplies a wide variety of products in all kinds of metals such as steel, copper, and aluminum. It was important for MCB’s new office design that these products are integrated in the office.

M + R architects from Eindhoven took the challenge of incorporating the products into the design. “Our responsibility is creating sustainable architecture that can stand the test of time”

Several cubes have been placed in the office. These cubes consist of String² partition walls in combination with Panorama from Maars Living Walls. Steel panels and Bi Block window frames are used from the String² line.

The outside of the cubes are covered with products that MCB markets. We see different products in all shapes and sizes such as sheet steel, pipes and profiles, all in metal.

Next to the walls with which the cubes are formed, Maars also supplied the doors that fit seamlessly into the walls. XL glass doors were chosen, and a 60-minute fire-resistant requirement was set for a number of doors.

A great project, where Maars Living Walls fits perfectly!

Photography: Studio de Winter

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