On February 1 & 2 we welcomed a big part of our European dealers in Harderwijk for the ultimate Halo Experience. During this two half days event, we brought our dealer partners up-to-speed about Halo.

On Thursday, we started of with an extended presentation about Halo. After this presentation, the dealers had the opportunity to enter the Halo showroom. In this showroom they got to experience different types of Halo firsthand. This turned out to be a positive way to experience Halo’s outstanding acoustics and see the different configuration possibilities Halo has to offer.

Also, two of our European Dealer Council Members (DCM) were present. Paul from DiPa and Jens from proroomz gave a presentation about being a DCM member. Also, the dealers had the opportunity to take part in several break-out sessions, were they were able to experience a live sound demo, how to reconfigure Halo and how to draw Halo in Maars 4D.

On Friday, we received extended feedback from our dealers, since we together discussed all Halo’s possibilities and threats and together we created Halo’s SWOT. Besides informing them about Halo, we also took the opportunity to give presentations about Cleanrooms and our new wall Metaline125 and new Framed Double Glazed door.

The Halo Experience was a very good opportunity to get feedback from our dealers. We are very happy with the response our dealers gave us about the event and that they went home inspired and with many new ideas.

In week 40, our R&D  department tested the Metaline125 wall in the acoustic laboratory of Peutz, resulting in very positive results. The acoustic tests have demonstrated that the wall performs admirably, achieving sound insulation levels of up to 61 dB with a 10 mm track and up to 59 dB with a 35 mm track, depending on the specific configuration.

As the name suggests, the Metaline125 wall has a thickness of 125mm. It is composed of freestanding double String² studs with Metaline panels. This particular version of Metaline has been developed as a solution for demising walls in situations where a high level of acoustic performance is required. The Metaline 125 wall is only available as a solid steel wall and can connect to Double Horizon.

On October 30th 2023, the acquisition of Maars Living Walls was completed and led by the Private Investor Nimbus along with the Maars Management and a Maars dealer. The ownership has previously been held by the global furniture company MillerKnoll, a select group of MillerKnoll dealers and Maars Management. The successful partnership with existing and active MillerKnoll dealer partners shall continue.

Headquartered in Harderwijk, The Netherlands, Maars was founded in 1946 and has expanded in 75 years to over 55 countries. Maars is the global leader of sustainable and innovative demountable walls with unique design, best-in class and custom-made solutions. The extensive range of high performance acoustical and fire rated products are manufactured in a modern factory, suppling to customers all over the world. Product design and delivery is performed in close cooperation with many well-known architectural firms, general contractors, and project management companies.

In continuing efforts to expand and improve our international strategy on growth, new product developments, customer support & operations, Maars has entered a new partnership. Menno de Vries, CEO of Maars, believes the experienced Dutch investment company will support and expand the international strategy of Maars. Nimbus has a successful track record of more than 25 years in strengthening and improving international manufacturing companies, including in the demountable wall industry. Furthermore, Menno believes the company will continue and enlarge their services to all customers also with offering refurbished, reused and recycled demountable walls.

‘‘We are pleased to have the opportunity to invest in Maars Living Walls’’ says Alexander de Haas, partner at Nimbus. “Through continued focus on market developments and (new) product introductions, new investments and operational improvements, Maars Living Walls will remain a solid partner for its customers, suppliers, and workforce. Demountable walls have exhibited potential, which can be realized through additional investments and global growth. We will support the business in any way we can in the years to come”.

Contact information

Alexander de Haas   Nimbus         +31 (0)6 1227 7509

Menno de Vries        Maars           +31 (0)6 1089 6932

About Nimbus

Nimbus is a private investment company that has been operating for close to 25 years, with offices in the Netherlands (Zeist), Germany (Munich) and United Kingdom (Leeds). Nimbus invests in companies that are at a crossroads in their development and are ready for their next growth phase. The Nimbus team has relevant operational and strategic skills which has formed the basis of strong partnerships with management teams in over 100 investments since its inception. Nimbus also has significant experience in the manufacturing industry and carving-out non-core business units from larger companies. More information about Nimbus can be found on www.nimbus.com.

About Maars Living Walls

Maars is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality customized wall and pod solutions for buildings to improve people’s well-being and productivity. Maars is a Dutch-based manufacturer with 75 years of experience providing world class solutions and stands for excellent service with various and integrated customized projects. Their wide range of products have a refined design, are high quality, and demonstrate worldwide leadership in fire and sound certificates and sustainability. More than 80% of projects Maars produces are exported outside the Netherlands and supported by professional teams of Maars and their dealers. The global organization has competent teams and departments in-house which include: research and development, manufacturing, engineering, project management, service, installation, and sales. More information about Maars Living Walls can be found at www.maarslivingwalls.com, @maarslivingwalls on Instagram and on Linkedin: https://nl.linkedin.com/company/maars-partitioning-systems.

In the past year the monumental Shell headquarter in The Hague, The Netherlands have been fully renovated. A building with still an old exterior but fully sustainable and brand new from the inside! For this extensive renovation we have delivered and installed our glass partition walls. With these walls known for their flexibility we ensure a sustainable and future proof interior design.

Shells Dutch headquarter is a 25.000 square meter building which is a national monument dated from 1917. The building has been used as an office for over a century. During the renovation this magnificent old building has been made future proof.

Maars delivered its Panorama and Horizon wall systems. Both walls are certified with Cradle to Cradle Silver. The glass walls are combined with Flush Glass Deur which creates a seamless connection with the walls.

Panorama is a double glazed wall system known for its high flexibility without having to compromise on acoustic performances. Horizon is a single glazed wall system, the main feature of Horizon is its minimalistic design. Both glass walls are on one or both sides installed using Polar White glass, this creates a really unique design.

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