A successful Halo Experience with European dealers

On February 1 & 2 we welcomed a big part of our European dealers in Harderwijk for the ultimate Halo Experience. During this two half days event, we brought our dealer partners up-to-speed about Halo.

On Thursday, we started of with an extended presentation about Halo. After this presentation, the dealers had the opportunity to enter the Halo showroom. In this showroom they got to experience different types of Halo firsthand. This turned out to be a positive way to experience Halo’s outstanding acoustics and see the different configuration possibilities Halo has to offer.

Also, two of our European Dealer Council Members (DCM) were present. Paul from DiPa and Jens from proroomz gave a presentation about being a DCM member. Also, the dealers had the opportunity to take part in several break-out sessions, were they were able to experience a live sound demo, how to reconfigure Halo and how to draw Halo in Maars 4D.

On Friday, we received extended feedback from our dealers, since we together discussed all Halo’s possibilities and threats and together we created Halo’s SWOT. Besides informing them about Halo, we also took the opportunity to give presentations about Cleanrooms and our new wall Metaline125 and new Framed Double Glazed door.

The Halo Experience was a very good opportunity to get feedback from our dealers. We are very happy with the response our dealers gave us about the event and that they went home inspired and with many new ideas.

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