Innovative and future-proof Feringa building on the Zernike Campus in Groningen

In the middle of the Zernike Campus in Groningen you can find the impressive Feringa building, named after Nobel Prize winner Ben Feringa. This monumental building, with 64,000 m² of floor space, will house more than 2,500 students and employees of the University of Groningen (RUG). It will be a green environment filled with advanced laboratories, offices, auditoriums, and self-study areas.

All glass walls and door elements in this project have been realized by Maars Living Walls. During the process we were given the opportunity to create an alternative to the traditional dry walls. Our focus on sustainability fits seamlessly within the complex requirements of the University of Groningen, which is why we decided to use our modular steel walls.

Diversity and tailor-made

The project includes 8,700 m² of single glass walls, 575 single frame doors, 261 double frame doors, 1830 m² of double glass walls, 69 double glazed doors, 4700 m² of Metaline steel and 11 steel Maars doors. This diversity reflects the versatility of Maars Living Walls and our ability to provide tailor-made solutions, such as privacy foil for offices and special coatings to reflect laser lights in the laboratories.

Maars joined this project during the tender phase. After a visit to the project at the Palace of Justice, the RUG decided to replace all MS walls with plaster in the offices with our Metaline 100 walls.

The collaboration with the RUG and Ballast Nedam went smoothly. There was mutual space for understanding and consultation and that was a very nice basis to work with.

Homely, sustainable and modular

With our wall systems we have not only enhanced the aesthetics of the Feringa building with a homely feeling, but also added sustainability and modularity. Our “future ready” solutions provide the flexibility essential for future adjustments without waste.

The Feringa building was a challenging journey where Maars and Ballast Nedam jointly pushed the boundaries. Now that we have completed it, we look back with pride on the achieved result and the way in which it all came about.

Also watch the video

We have also made a video reference of this beautiful project:


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