The M923. is known for its flexibility and functionality. The freestanding, a new configuration of the M923. makes the wall system even more flexible. The wall is attached to a base with a feet or caster and is therefore easy to move!

The freestanding M923. where modern wall decoration, movable walls and functional office furniture meet! The freestanding has the same finishes as the M923. only two panels are excluded: moss and cork.

In week 39 the freestanding will be available in Maars 4D and therefore ready for order entry! In week 38 we expect a renewed product sheet for the M923. Which also includes the freestanding. Here you can read all technical specifications!

A first final M923. freestanding is already introduced during the Paris Design Week! This week Herman Miller participates  at Paris Design Week and Maars Living Walls is joining. A perfect moment to introduce the first final version of the M923. freestanding.

Openness and transparency are one of the major trends in our interiors, which is a trend that can bring some acoustic challenges. A meeting or telephone conversation requires concentration, silence, and privacy, and Maars Living Walls can provide all these.

Closed steel walls have a high mass, and a high sound insulation up to 60dB is not a problem for our steel walls. We know how to achieve a sound insulation of 60db in a steel wall that is not even 4 inches thick. We first do extensive testing ourselves in our own sound lab, so we know for sure whether the development is delivering the desired performance.

In addition to sound insulation, acoustics in a room are just as important. A long reverberation time in a room is disturbing and distracting. Something that does not benefit the purpose of a space. For spaces with poor acoustics, perforations that absorb sound can be made in our steel walls.

Sound-absorbing material is also added to the inside of the wall. This sound absorption enables a high absorption class of αw> 0.75. The best of acoustics without compromising on sound insulation. The installation of a thin steel cassette in the wall prevents the sound insulation from being negatively affected.

A wall is nothing without a suitable door. And we believe that a door should not negatively affect the sound insulation of the complete partition system. In addition to partition walls, we manufacture an extensive range of doors, including various steel doors of 40mm and 100 mm thickness. A door that of course connects seamlessly to the wall, without compromising on the sound insulation of the wall.

Thanks to different insulation materials, any desired sound insulation (> 44 dB) can be achieved. The sound insulation of our doors has been demonstrated, in an acoustically accredited laboratory where the entire door, including frame and hardware, has been tested.

The result? The best acoustic performance in the partition walls industry!

For the new head office of Qatar Pretoleum District, we manufactured, delivered, and installed more than one hundred thousand square meters of Maars walls. The office has ten towers in total, six of them will be provided with the Maars living walls.

We supplied various wall systems and door types for this project. String² Melamine panels, Panorama light with single and double glazing, 4000 single glass doors, 400 XL flush glass doors and 80 wooden doors.

The six towers are divided between two different contractors, Al Balagh and Al Ghanim. The project started in June 2019 together with these two contractors. The architect who designed the towers had Maars walls in his specification. In addition, 13 other wall systems were specified. Of all wall systems, Maars was chosen as the best solution for the project!

It is not the first time that Maars supplied walls for a project of a size like this. However, it always is challenging. That is of course because of the size, our production is often focused on the QPD project for weeks in a row.

The walls and doors must be manufactured, delivered and installed within nine months, a short lead time which means that our production facility is now extra focused and efficient.

The installation must be ready by the end of November, and now we are busy with the installation. The design of the building is curved. This also presents challenges during installation. Our dealer AlKaabi Contracting, who has been a Maars dealer for over 18 years, takes care of the installation of this challenging project.

Just a few more weeks and then we hope to be able to share the end result. A result with a hundred thousand square meters of Maars walls, that remains impressive!

ARAMCO is the biggest oil company in the world and always looking for innovative products to be used on their facilities.

With our local dealer partner Khalid A. Aljuraid we have been supplying ARAMCO with Maars partitionwalls and special wall solutions for more then 14 years now.

In 2008 they were the first one using our integrated TV screens and sound panels. And now our dealer Khalid A. Aljuraid Est. successfully obtained and installed five very impressive lineaCubes for ARAMCO.

You can see Maars walls in most of their premisses all over the Kingdom including one of their landmark building AlMidra tower with more than 25000M2 of Maars partition walls.

The lineaCubes that are delivered are larger in size, with dimensions of  4000x6000x2800mm, and they all include a Media Panel.


Panorama Slim is a good alternative in 100mm walls.

  • This product innovation is characterized by slim lining and high acoustic values.

The profile is nominally deployed at 10mm. With a clearance at the top of 0 – 17 mm and bottom of 3mm – 20 mm. With the system you can achieve a slim design but also include extreme intolerances in the system.

With the 10mm system you can also achieve better acoustics of 50dB / 51STC. Sound reports are available for Panorama Slim.

If you want to know more about this product innovation, please reach to your own region manager.


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