Five lineacubes for biggest oil company in the world

ARAMCO is the biggest oil company in the world and always looking for innovative products to be used on their facilities.

With our local dealer partner Khalid A. Aljuraid we have been supplying ARAMCO with Maars partitionwalls and special wall solutions for more then 14 years now.

In 2008 they were the first one using our integrated TV screens and sound panels. And now our dealer Khalid A. Aljuraid Est. successfully obtained and installed five very impressive lineaCubes for ARAMCO.

You can see Maars walls in most of their premisses all over the Kingdom including one of their landmark building AlMidra tower with more than 25000M2 of Maars partition walls.

The lineaCubes that are delivered are larger in size, with dimensions of  4000x6000x2800mm, and they all include a Media Panel.

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