Maars living walls creates functional spaces for fontys university

With over six thousand square feet of Maars partition walls the Fontys University is designed into different functional spaces. EGM Architects from Dordrecht, The Netherlands designed this university witch consists into two different types of spaces. One space focused on meeting each other and one space where education is central. The architect have chosen a different appearance for both spaces.

  • The Maars partition systems contribute to both purposes of the different spaces.

One where communication and creativity is encouraged and one space which supports a innovative way of education.

We installed over four thousand square feet of String² partition walls, closed walls and bi-block window frames. And we were challenged to install another two thousand square feet of String² fire resistant walls. De main challenge in this project was installing the wall systems on top of the edge of the floor, through a loft all the way to the firth floor.

It is so inspiring to see that our flexible partition systems contributes to a space where students are stimulated to reach for their ambitions.

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