How circularity will influence the design of our workplaces

There has been a clear shift in office design in recent years. Whereas the emphasis used to be on static, permanent structures, interest in flexible, sustainable solutions is clearly growing. At Maars, we have also observed this trend, contributing to this transformation by applying the principles of circularity to our partition walls. But how exactly will these concepts influence the future of workplaces? And where does modularity come in? Maars is happy to explain.

What is circularity?

Let’s start with the concept of circularity in the context of workplace design. Circularity means creating systems in which products and materials retain their value, can be reused, and adapted, reducing waste, extending the lifecycle of products, and contributing to a more sustainable world.

Modularity, as applied in our partition walls, is an important aspect of circularity and refers to the use of standardised units or sections that can be combined or assembled in different ways.

Our modular products allow companies to adapt their workplaces quickly and efficiently to their changing needs and growth plans, without having to compromise on style or sustainability.

De montage van een modulaire Maars systeemwand

How are workplaces changing?

Reuse is a key concept in the circular world of workplaces. Like office systems, workstations can be completely reused. Partition walls can be moved to create a new layout and office pods expanded for use by two people. This means workplaces are continually changing in step with evolving organisational needs.

The benefits of circular workplaces

Cost savings

A circular workplace can result in significant cost savings. The ability to reuse and adapt components reduces the need for new materials and lowers the total cost of ownership.

More sustainable

By emphasising reuse, repair, and recycling, a circular workplace helps reduce an organisation’s waste output and carbon footprint.

More practical and productive

Circular and modular designs enhance the physical workplace, contributing to employees’ well-being and productivity by creating a healthier, more adaptable, and future-proof working environment. You can use these designs to achieve optimal privacy or expand the number of meeting rooms.

So what does the future hold for us?

The future of workplaces looks bright with a focus on circularity. Innovations in sustainable materials and flexible designs will become the standard, enabling organisations to respond quickly to changing conditions and needs.

Are you ready for the workplaces of the future?

At Maars Living Walls, we believe in embracing circularity as part of the future of workplace design. Are you ready to switch to flexible and more sustainable workplaces to meet future challenges?

Maars is at your service and happy to support you with the design of your workplace. Contact us so that our specialists can discuss the possibilities with you.

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