Where modern wall decoration movable walls and functional office furniture meet

The M923. is known for its flexibility and functionality. The freestanding, a new configuration of the M923. makes the wall system even more flexible. The wall is attached to a base with a feet or caster and is therefore easy to move!

The freestanding M923. where modern wall decoration, movable walls and functional office furniture meet! The freestanding has the same finishes as the M923. only two panels are excluded: moss and cork.

In week 39 the freestanding will be available in Maars 4D and therefore ready for order entry! In week 38 we expect a renewed product sheet for the M923. Which also includes the freestanding. Here you can read all technical specifications!

A first final M923. freestanding is already introduced during the Paris Design Week! This week Herman Miller participates  at Paris Design Week and Maars Living Walls is joining. A perfect moment to introduce the first final version of the M923. freestanding.

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