Steel walls are number one in acoustic performance

Openness and transparency are one of the major trends in our interiors, which is a trend that can bring some acoustic challenges. A meeting or telephone conversation requires concentration, silence, and privacy, and Maars Living Walls can provide all these.

Closed steel walls have a high mass, and a high sound insulation up to 60dB is not a problem for our steel walls. We know how to achieve a sound insulation of 60db in a steel wall that is not even 4 inches thick. We first do extensive testing ourselves in our own sound lab, so we know for sure whether the development is delivering the desired performance.

In addition to sound insulation, acoustics in a room are just as important. A long reverberation time in a room is disturbing and distracting. Something that does not benefit the purpose of a space. For spaces with poor acoustics, perforations that absorb sound can be made in our steel walls.

Sound-absorbing material is also added to the inside of the wall. This sound absorption enables a high absorption class of αw> 0.75. The best of acoustics without compromising on sound insulation. The installation of a thin steel cassette in the wall prevents the sound insulation from being negatively affected.

A wall is nothing without a suitable door. And we believe that a door should not negatively affect the sound insulation of the complete partition system. In addition to partition walls, we manufacture an extensive range of doors, including various steel doors of 40mm and 100 mm thickness. A door that of course connects seamlessly to the wall, without compromising on the sound insulation of the wall.

Thanks to different insulation materials, any desired sound insulation (> 44 dB) can be achieved. The sound insulation of our doors has been demonstrated, in an acoustically accredited laboratory where the entire door, including frame and hardware, has been tested.

The result? The best acoustic performance in the partition walls industry!

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